93Papi sauce and Luo Luo thinking break up fat rivers and lakes like this, do not mind|Papi sauce and Luo Luo thinking break up fat rivers and lakes like this, do not mind9

Papi sauce and logic thinking to break up Ronaldo: arena so don’t mind Papi sauce partner response, and indeed the logic of thinking broke up as a lively and see the twists and turns of series finale, about Papi sauce and Luo Zhenyu the small red net era drama finally reached a point. At the beginning of this year, relying on the popularity of short video Papi sauce just reached the peak of public concern, Xu Xiaoping and Luo Zhenyu announced that it would invest in Papi sauce. However, since April this year, Papi paste paste ad auction, but there is news that Luo Zhenyu and Papi sauce cooperation rupture. I do not know how many people remember the investment reached before, to the campaign, Luo Zhenyu and Papi sauce took a photo of two hands, the book is "inevitable" respectively and "forecast" – looking back, the title is like the early disclosure of the same diversity. This afternoon, Papi sauce partner, spring listen to thunder CEO Yang Ming on the outside world for several days on the relationship between the Papi sauce and Luo Zhenyu broke the rumors in the circle of friends of WeChat responded. The core information includes: 1,         on donations, and the school relation has never been broken, this month just received full payment next year to publish donations rules; 2,         on the logic of thinking, in the clear "get" after their original business out of all the investment projects, Papi is just one of them; 3,         Papi video is WeChat reading millions on micro-blog play several more amount of billions of dollars, the number of fans around the platform is still in growth, the number of fans has micro-blog after 20 million; 4,        ; advertising business, L’OREAL has been working, leisure, health, and will see Papi sauce with several international big brand cooperation, a top international director will also appear in the Papi sauce in 5, video;       &nb Sp; about papitube, everything is exploring, Papi is not a red. I don’t want to say too much, do not want to respond to a lot of things, know your bother auction news, you want to do, low-key way. Short video of this matter, in China, is still very long. Cut straight press, the logic of thinking CEO Li Tiantian (don’t take off) to 36 krypton interview to respond. Luo Zhenyu is under this statement message, rivers and lakes like this, do not mind. There’s always someone who wants to see jokes." Query the national enterprise credit information publicity system can be found, as early as the end of this year in August this year has been completed. August 29th spring, listen to the thunder to remove the investment logic thinking of the main business of Beijing thinking creation Cci Capital Ltd in the column of the remaining shareholders, shareholders Yang Ming, Jiang Yilei (Papi sauce, real name) it real fund, capital and capital source map. Exit as early as the signal, as Luo Ji Thinking investment Papi sauce is also advance publicity. Li Tiantian has been in this year 7.

91The world’s first electric boss hood gains market to take the high road to disperse|The world’s first electric boss hood gains market to take the high road to disperse7

The world’s first electric boss hood gains fragmented market want to go high-end line local time on September 2nd, the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show (IFA2016) held in Berlin. In Germany during the Berlin at the IFA exhibition, the world authoritative market research firm Euromonitor International (Euromonitor) issued a global brand hood survey data show that the electric boss hood 2015 brand retail accounted for 5% of the global market, ranking first in the world. Since the 30 years of development Chinese kitchen appliances industry, the first won the throne of the world’s first enterprise. In the global economy, consumption growth in 2015, the boss appliances hood can maintain a strong expansion, among the world’s first position is not easy. From the industry perspective, 2015 is a period of adjustment into the global market for home appliance industry a year: market slowdown, home appliances and other consumer goods just entering the market growth is limited, "stagflation"; from the competitive environment, foreign brand kitchen electric market has been dominated by a high-end market in Europe, Chinese enterprise wants to find a global market to survive, we must rely on higher quality products and more cultural connotation of the brand value, in order to win the trust of users. On 2015, the boss appliances, in addition to the hood to achieve global sales of the first, the market has also made a breakthrough in China. In 2015, the boss of electrical 2 million hood sales target, to become the industry’s first break the goal of the enterprise. In addition, according to the PRC retail monitoring report shows that as of the end of 2015, the boss hood appliances retail sales, retail market share was 16.78%, 24.84%, retail sales of gas stoves, retail market share was 14.64%, 21.61%, disinfection cabinet retail market share of 19.41%, continued to maintain the industry’s first. Boss electric president Fujia said, "won the first in the world, the boss appliances, is an honor, but also spur. This means that in the process of enterprise development in the next, we must be in better products, newer technology, more open-minded, more profound culture, to meet the global needs of different users, to allow more overseas users to feel the charm of Oriental culture and." According to the data from Euromonitor International, the boss appliances despite the hood around the first brand, but accounted for only 5%, the market is extremely fragmented, in this regard, the boss of electrical position that will adhere to the high-end line, to create high-end brand China. (Wen Fanling) more exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).