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15 Chengdu Museum of Emperor Qianlong exhibition exhibits very valuable – Beijing Sichuan Chengdu news network September 8th news (reporter Shen Xingyi) today, the Sichuan news network reporter learned from Chengdu Museum in September 15th, the "prosperous emperor — Qing Emperor Qianlong emperor Exhibition" will be carried out in the Chengdu museum. It is understood that this exhibition is the first time in 30 years after the the Imperial Palace exhibition came to Chengdu for the first time, Qian Long is also the first exhibition in Southwest China, selected the the Imperial Palace museum is closely related with the emperor Qian Long of the cultural relics of more than 100 sets, involving multiple fields of politics, economy, culture, military, art, the audience full display of Qian Long the emperor and a far-reaching impact on future generations of emperors. According to reports, the exhibits in this exhibition for most of the one or two precious cultural relics, is very valuable. The exhibition will last about two months, the audience can enjoy the exhibition hall on the first floor of the Chengdu museum. National treasures out of the the Imperial Palace debut in the China Yubi Qianlong emperors, the Qing Emperor Qianlong emperor created a number of personal records, leaving a lot of talk. He held power for 63 years, the political and military achievements, the "flourishing age" to the peak. "Prosperous emperor — Qing Emperor Qianlong emperor exhibition exhibition is divided into" Fu Emperor, Harbourside, ancient Chongwen, Jingbian, Xuanwu for music records of five units, including the emperor exhibits portraits, robes, books, stationery, imperial throne, weapons, armor, gold, jade, porcelain, lacquer, enamel machine, glass, clocks, costumes, calligraphy, paintings, statues, musical instruments and many other categories, most of the Qing Dynasty palace cultural relics, a song, yuan and Ming Dynasties art works. Through these exquisite rare cultural relics, a Pacific, both long Yong Xi era presents vivid rumors, also will show the story of Emperor Qianlong, imperial rule, and he in the hall outside the military strategy of elegant leisure personal life. It is understood that the meaning of the eternal, everlasting rule gold inlay jewelry "Ca Mau YONGGU Cup" never leave the Imperial Palace, this is Qian Long later emperors as the legend for the national treasures of treasures for the first time out of the palace to meet with the audience, while Qian Long and his "Yubi Shouxing map" hand written manuscript is the first time display in the Imperial Palace did not reveal to the public, especially Qian Long, the book, most of it in politics, and enjoying the feast and other activities in the extemporization, "the emperor" DNA with small pieces of paper ", directly showing us his life and thought, has a high historical value." Wang Yuegong, director of the Imperial Palace palace. In addition, the Northern Song Dynasty famous writer and painter Su Shi as "Poems", Ding Hui academy, the famous painting Ming Dynasty poet Tang Yin as "Qian Tang scenery map" axis, red sandalwood and jade inlay sixteen Luo Hanping, bright yellow Satin Embroidered robe, dragon and cloud clip towards a large number of precious relics will also meet with the audience. The court entered into the interactive experience personally on the scene "spirit — the emperor Qing Emperor Qianlong emperor" special exhibition hall, as if into the history — on behalf of the Qing Dynasty palace and the imperial red yellow two color, on behalf of the hunting and battle green, on behalf of the elegant purple color, interwoven in the Qianlong period of prosperity. The throne, palace fan, screens, incense…… Nude show.相关的主题文章: