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31, 12:00 Michelle Chen and guest Sohu – Sohu entertainment news client 12:00 on October 31st, Michelle Chen will visit the Sohu news client chat "Grandpa Christina 38" Michelle Chen as a "Hu Jian" flower village Tang Huiru Sohu, entertainment news directed by South Korean director An Bingji Tong Dawei, Michelle Chen, Lv Yuncong starred in the "Grandpa Christina 38" will be held on November 11th day to meet with the audience. The film adapted from the famous Korean comedy "speeding scandal", tells the story of a young single mother with her 5 year old son Trinidad seeking father, 38 years old before parachuted into the public. Three generations under the same roof, wiping out a lot of funny little spark. The actual age is only 4 years old Michelle Chen and the father of the performance of a pair of father and daughter, but also a joy when the Lord, a hi when the mother, laughing fruit full of the. Michelle Chen played the 20 year old single mother from the "Hu Jian", born with an adorable accent. The local flavor is rich, the inner spirit is eccentric. She said there had been a Wulitou Comedy dream: "love, love, love Stephen Chow Pepo Robert Donny" Friends "Jennifer in Aniston’s comedy, every time I see them, the heart could not help but eager." In the "Grandpa Christina 38", Michelle Chen realized the comedy desire, "chasing" Tong Dawei called "Baba", quite out of the exclusion. As the real happiness in pregnant mothers, first with child star Lv Yuncong advance to experience the feeling with the baby. From the quality of the school to fly a single mother, so you expect Michelle Chen? October 31st 12:00-13:00, Michelle Chen will visit the Sohu news client chat with friends "Grandpa Christina 38". Want to come to a close contact with the goddess? Hurry up about!相关的主题文章: