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51+13+10 the first 41 years without Durant? – Sohu today sports thunder home court facing the sun, and the first at 76, Westbrook once again lead the thunder staged reverse play. In the first section of the most sun behind the 18, the second half began catching up, finally put the game into overtime, the final 113 to 110 victory over the sun. The thunder headed star Wesbrook scored 51 points and +13 +10 rebounds assists third double overtime, the final 19 seconds break layup let thunder counter ultra score, is the chief hero team reversed. Let us talk about this Westbrook junior two more Niubi, one in a game with 50+ score and get three pairs of players or 41 years ago, Jabbar, the history is only Jabbar, Beller, Chamberlain, Galen of the four palace level star had such data, Wei less is fifth. From the beginning of the 14-15 season, the League 40 points more than the number of times the number of three, Wei less than 4 times, the other person for the 0 time. But the Westbrook hit rate is in want of perfection today is some low, he scored 44 of 17 shots, 10 shots three 2, the high score is hidden behind the high number of shots. Do you remember Kobe’s 81 – point myth? Kobe was the audience’s shooting is only 46 times, compared to today’s efficiency is indeed difficult to say Wei efficient. Fourth finally, if he is frequently the blacksmith, perhaps in the regular time, the thunder will end the sun. Durant leaving Westbrook has become the first NBA lone hero, his teammates can not give Westbrook absolute support, Westbrook will believe itself, moreover, his heart is how to prove that Durant did not, what can you do?相关的主题文章: