Do You Have Nickel Allergies This Is What You Need To Know About Nickel Free Earrings 南海发现可燃冰 女孩被杀藏尸床箱

Home-and-Family Nickel free earrings are recommended for people with related allergies. This type of jewelry is stylish, hypoallergenic and scratch-resistant. Since there are approximately 15 percent of people in the United States who are allergic to nickel, nickel free jewelry is in high demand. Let us find out why nickel free jewelry is necessary and the types of earrings available to meet the needs of people with these types of allergies. Why is Nickel Free Jewelry Necessary? Most people who are allergic to nickel are not actually allergic to the metal itself. A reaction occurs between nickel and the skin when perspiration comes into contact with the nickel alloy found in sterling silver. Metallic salts form when this reaction occurs. The reaction causes the jewelry recipient to itch and sometimes break into a rash. No cure exists for a nickel allergy. People can simply avoid contact with the metal. Many people who have piercings also have nickel allergies. When the skin has been newly punctured and comes into contact with the nickel stud, the allergy begins to form. The sensitivity to nickel may occur a week, a month or even years later. Allergic contact dermatitis (ACD) typically results in itchy, swollen, cracked or red skin. Hives and welts are also common when the nickel salts penetrate the skin. Since nickel allergies are delayed Type IV allergies, the reaction will typically occur within 48 hours of initial contact. The allergies most commonly affect females, and there are growing instances of allergies arising. Since there is no cure, the best recommendation is to avoid nickel entirely. Type of Nickel Free Jewelry Available Since many people are on a budget, there are numerous affordable styles available. For most costume jewelry, the studs of the earrings typically contain nickel in the sterling silver. To avoid reactions, choose sterling silver with no nickel. The types of earrings that are available to customers include drop or dangling earrings made of turquoise stone, crystals, cubic zirconia or other types of colorful stones. Sterling silver jewelry without nickel is affordable and is now easily found in department stores and jewelry stores. Usually, the most affordable nickel free jewelry only has a sterling silver stud. Unfortunately, this is the part that is most commonly in contact with the person’s ear. Many online jewelry stores carry lines of nickel free jewelry. It is often easier to determine if an item of jewelry is nickel free by looking at a website. The website will provide detailed information about whether the jewelry item is nickel free and can be worn by a person with a nickel allergy. In some department stores, the jewelry may not be clearly marked and it may be difficult to locate. When searching online, the process is easier because a description of the product is available. Consider Nickel Free Jewelry as a Gift Nickel free jewelry may make a good gift for people who are on a budget. Men often give nickel free jewelry to a potential love interest to solidify the relationship. Consider how nickel free jewelry can make a change in a person’s life suffering from a nickel allergy. These earrings are affordable, attractive and easy to maintain. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: