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With the help of your staff, youve come up with all sorts of ideas to reduce expenses. Youve implemented them and the results have been good. Profitability is up. And there hasnt been even a bit of a dip in productivity and morale. Congratulations! But now you are worried. More reductions are needed and the only thing left to reduce is payroll. Maybe you think its impossible to keep things warm once youve made the very coldest cut that you tried so hard to avoid. But dont stop. Here are 5 ways to continue nurturing that warmth. 1. Be in it with them. Earlier I suggested you set a good example. This is the same but on a deeper level. If they are getting a 10% pay cut, it helps if they know that the boss is also taking a 10% pay cut. And even better when they find out that hers went into affect a few months ago. And even better when they find out that she took a 15% cut. Think they arent watching? They are. Like a hawk! 2. Avoid/explain splurges. Once its gone to something personal like my paycheck the hawk becomes ever more vigilant. Any perceived inconsistency having a company meeting at a nice hotel, giving all participants an ipod as part of the meeting theme, a luncheon at a nice restaurant – even the smallest item can easily be perceived as a luxury, spawning comments like: If they can afford THATthen why did I have to take a pay cut? Perks are great but I cant buy groceries with them. Snide remarks rippling through the hallways. All can turn icy in an instant. Maybe it was a special deal a freebie or a trade. If so, consider letting them know. We all spend money differently, and we cant please everyone, but be aware of this and sensitive to it. Youve asked them to help you watch expenses. And they are doing so. 3. Keep them informed. If there have been pay cuts or other temporary staffing measures, be sure to address these specifically. And give updates often. Is there is a certain profit level at which salaries go back to the original level? Or is there is a certain profit level at which they can receive a bonus a bonus which might even come close to making up for the salary they lost from the cut? If their participation or productivity doesnt matter to the success of your business – then dont bother with this. If you still need them on your team – in your huddle – read this section again. 4. Make it safe to ask questions. Even though trying your best to keep them informed, you cant read their minds. Encourage them to raise questions. Make it safe to bring up expenditures they perceive as splurges (like in #2) – or for progress updates (like in #3.). That way, you can address or correct them hopefully in time to keep those cold shoulders from turning on you. If that happens, they arent in your huddle any more. Can you afford for that to happen? 5. Stay close with each individual on your team. Though busy as ever trying to make things work, it is critical for the manager to take time to check in with each individual even if for a few minutes each week. To thank him for working so hard to make it work. To ask about any special concerns she may have. To check in on his commitment to the job, the customer and the organization as a whole. Here is a beautiful example: Anthony Carey, General Manager of The Siena Hotel & Il Palio Restaurant in Chapel Hill, NC, recently met with each of his Executive Managers for a passion check. Each of them had been asked to operate on a reduced budget. For some that meant a pay cut. Each one was being asked to work longer hours or whatever it would take to continue to deliver Four Diamond Service to all of their guests. Anthony wanted to be sure that each manager felt passionate about his or her individual commitment to that effort. One of the six was not able to commit and was grateful that Anthony had clarified the expectations in advance. The other five committed wholeheartedly. Its too soon to report the financial impact of these passion checks, but not too soon to share the impact on morale. By way of this exercise, Anthony says, Everyone knows we are all in this together, and we are all ready to tackle any issues that come our way, which has created a high performance work environment, and that is Awesome! Great job, Anthony! Sounds to me like a fired up team! ***** Dealing with profitability issues can be difficult and downright scary. But if the financial health of your business is suffering, I encourage you to take charge, stay out there, act boldly and hunker down. How wonderful it will feel to make those cuts without making your team go cold on you! Even more wonderful if they get fired up in the process! If you have enjoyed this article, I invite you to subscribe to The Business Class E-zine. 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