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Health Detox has been practiced for many centuries by many different cultures worldwide, from China to India, and Thailand. Detox in Thailand is all about good health, pampering, rejuvenation, enjoying the process and experience, and feeling good. Detoxification is also about cleaning, flushing, resting, and nourishing your body, inside-out. By eliminating toxins, harmful for your body, and feeding your own body healthy nutrients to restore the functioning of the organs, you are not just making your body stronger, but also protecting it from diseases, and renewing its ability to fight illnesses to maintain best health. So how does detox work? The word detoxification can be defined as cleaning the blood. The blood is cleaned by purging impurities from the liver, where toxins are treated to be eliminated. Besides this, detox also removes toxins from organs such as lungs, kidneys, lymph, intestines, and skin. Besides this, a detoxification can also aid with the following: 1.Resting your organs with the help of fasting 2.Prompting good health by making the liver flush out toxins from your body 3.Removing the impurities from skin, kidneys and intestines 4.Improving blood circulation leading to better functioning of the bodily organs 5.Refueling the body on healthy and necessary nutrients Now that you know what detox is and how it can help your body, here are some ways of detoxifying your body. 1.Eat lot of fibrous vegetables, brown rice and organically-grown fresh fruits and juices. Other than that, including beet, radish, artichokes, cabbages, broccoli, spirulina, and seaweed are known to have excellent detox properties. 2.Protect and clean your liver by consuming herbs like dandelion root, burdock, milk thistle, and drinking herbal teas like green tea. 3.Regular intake of Vitamin C will also help your liver flush out toxins by producing glutathione. 4.You should make it a habit of drinking plenty of water 7 to 8 liters every day. 5.Practice slow and deep breathing for increased intake of oxygen and better blood circulation through your entire body. 6.Always try to think positively and optimistically to drive away stress. Excess production of Cortisol, the stress hormone, can be bad for your health. 7.Another excellent way to detox your body is by practicing hydrotherapy. This involves taking 5 minutes duration very hot shower, specifically letting the water run on your back, followed by a cold water shower for 30 seconds. This process should be repeated 3-times followed by getting into bed for 30-minutes duration. You can also visit Detox Thailand spa and resort for a better life. For more info on detoxification visit our website About the Author: 相关的主题文章: