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UnCategorized There are many different methods that can be used to generate traffic to a website. Articles, ezine ads, pay-per-click, blogging, linking campaigns, forum marketing and traffic exchanges are all methods that can be used, either individually, or in conjunction with each other to generate web traffic. A traffic exchange is a kind of website that provides a service for a webmaster in exchange for traffic. It is not auto surfing, because the ads are viewed on a manual rotation generally. The webmaster submits their site (or sites) and then views other sites in exchange for credits, which are then used to allow the webmaster’s site to be viewed by other members of the exchange. Some exchanges use a ratio of ads viewed to credits earned. There is also a time limit for browsing, from 10 to 60 seconds, depending on the exchange. Almost all traffic exchanges allow members to build their own referral network, allowing them to increase the number of the referrer’s credits. Most traffic exchanges are free, though they usually provide upgrade options providing special bonuses or services and anyone can buy credits. Some of the different traffic exchanges that will be discussed are: 1.TrafficSwarm 2.InstantBuzz TrafficSwarm TrafficSwarm is one of the most popular traffic exchange sites on the Internet. One of the features that TrafficSwarm promotes is that their system is cheat proof. Only real human beings can click on your ad. No wasted credits here. You can make use of viral marketing with TrafficSwarm by building your own downlines that are tracked up to five levels deep. This means that each of your referrals and their referrals earn credits for you when they use their TrafficSwarm. TrafficSwarm is free to sign up, and comes with a rather generous set of bonuses when you do sign up. You can advertise a maximum of ten websites as a free member. You may purchase credits of course and upgrade to a Pro membership. Pro member get more credits every month, get more credits when a referral signs up under them, more credits when they surf for credits, the links to the sites they are promoting will be in the Featured listing, and they can promote an unlimited number of sits instead of ten. The best part is they can earn recurring monthly commissions every time someone in their downline upgrades or renews their Pro status. InstantBuzz InstantBuzz is another kind of traffic exchange, but it has some unique features. It’s free to join and there are upgrades available, with upgrade to Elite status only offered once upon joining and never again. InstantBuzz uses a toolbar that is added to the browser that displays Bar(TM) Ads. Unlike other traffic exchanges, credits are earned by simply surfing the web as usual. Because the InstantBuzz tool is installed, credits are earned at a rate of 10 to 1. For every ten pages visited, one ad credit is earned. InstantBuzz also uses MailSpace(TM) and HyperSpace(TM) Ads. MailSpace(TM) Ads are placed in your email and you earn credits every time an email is sent. A client-side email server must be used for this service. HyperSpace(TM) Ads are small pop-up ads that you can place on any website you want. They appear in the upper right corner of the page. Credits are available for purchase, and there is a referral and affiliate program. The referral program allows for multiple streams of credit to be built up, and once you reach the last level, it’s possible to accrue as many as 12,000 credits per day. The affiliate program pays out when a referral upgrades to a paid membership. InstantBuzz will show you how many times an ad has been displayed and how many times ads have been clicked, giving you instant feedback to how your ads are performing. The sheer number of credits that can be earned will mean that quite a few will be used up fairly quickly before any results are seen. There might be a way to build up both your TrafficSwarm downline and your InstantBuzz downline by using them in conjunction. Set up an ad in TrafficSwarm that says something to the effect of "Use InstantBuzz to drive traffic to your site!" and in your InstantBuzz ad set up something like use "TrafficSwarm to get traffic". The actual ad used is up to the reader. This will allow you to build up your downline in both systems at the same time, resulting in more credits in both and possibly, income from commissions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: