he experiences the divinity of Pujya Gurudev About the Author 市长救火严重烧伤 民警带病擒毒贩

Religion Namramuni is not just a person, but a personality, namramuni is not just Not a figure, but a soul-mate! Namramuni Maharajsaheb with his Tough meditation and deep thinking which his strong pillars are has created a lot of betterment in the Jain culture. Namramunis quality of tough meditation and deep thinking are one of the factors which made him stand apart from the crowd. Namramuni has a Unique and innovative style of imparting knowledge is the source of blossoming his personality. Namramuni has taken special care that his teaching and knowledge sharing always helps people in developing the qualities of Humanity. A medium towards humanity and upliftment of the soul is the good luck of Shri Namramunis personality. Pujya Namramuni Gurudev believes What you say happens! A person who gave an indication once in a while transformed into a divine saint whose every word was a prophecy. Namramuni being having the ability r power of 6th sense has the ability to predict things. He has used his this ability for the welfare of the community and people. Promoting humanitarian and compassionate activities, in millions of rupees gathered through old newspaper and magazine (pasti) collection, by Pujya Gurudev inspired Arham Yuva Group is a specialty of his personality. Namramuni through his pasti collection collected a huge amount for development of the community. Namramuni is a real inspirer and motivator of youngsters and bringing them closer to the Jain community and society. He showed an apple that appeals to the youngster’s eye and made them leave the knife. A tough task that relieved many a parents of their worry and tension, thereby enlightening his own personality. Namramuni was very much successful in doing his task as now he is known as the Heartthrob of the youngsters. The enormous effort to make His golden dream come true by imbibing knowledge and religious values in the little children across the globe, through Look N Learn Jain Gyandham, is the pride of His personality. Namramunis this innovative approach clearly indicated that he was different from others. Namramunis love towards small children and his efforts to groom them up well right from childhood. Success in his tremendous effort to convert the atheist (Dharmavimukh) by guiding them with love and understanding to brighten and develop their intelligence; transcending to become devout (Dharmasumukh). All in all, when one views Pujya Namramuni Gurudev with His physical eyes, he sees only the embodiment of Gurudev. But, when one envisions and feels Gurudev through the vision of the soul, he experiences the divinity of Pujya Gurudev About the Author: By: KenSapp – Marbles have been around since ancient times. 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