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Business There are a number of reasons that companies and individuals should consider destroying sensative documents. Here are just ten reasons why shredding documents can help keep you and your business safe. 1. Client reassurance. If you destroy all documents containing confidential client information you can let them know that nothing that they ever disclose to you will be exposed to any kind of public scrutiny. 2. Financial security. If your competition was able to get a hold of many of the documents which disclosed the financial details of your company’s bank accounts it could put you at a serious disadvantage. By sticking to a strict policy of document destruction you eliminate any chance of this happening. 3. Save money. By shredding all documents that you can you save money on storage costs and filing companies, maximizing your profits. 4. It’s the law. If you have done background checks of any kind, such as investigating criminal records or getting a copy of a credit report on any of your employees you are legally obligated to destroy those documents. 5. Corporate espionage defense. It may seem strange, but many company has attempted to cipher out the newest developments of their competition by sending someone dumpster diving. Destroying paperwork ensures there is nothing secret for the competition to discover. 6. Medical information. Any paperwork which contains patient or clinical clients’ medical information must be destroyed to protect their privacy. 7. Keep private information private. Bank account numbers, corporate credit cards, and many other financial details are located on many different bills and invoices that your company might have to pay. Destroying all those ensures that those numbers stay internal to the company and don’t become exposed in any way. 8. Complying with NDAs. Many different lines of business require an NDA be signed between the business and their clients. Destroying a great deal of paperwork is a clear term in many of these types of agreements. If you didn’t destroy them after agreeing to in an NDA you could leave yourself open to a lawsuit for breeching your contract. 9. Protection from identity theft. Identity theft has been one of the fastest rising crimes in the world. Any business today has to conduct business on the internet, which opens them up to a great deal of identity theft vulnerability. However, by concentrating on that they often ignore the vulnerabilities in their paperwork which can expose them to identity thieves. By shredding, you help to protect your company from being stolen from in this manner. 10. Staying legal. There are more laws than the above which require document destruction. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: