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Attraction Of course people think of wealth when they learn of the law of attraction. Why not? The universe is a vast reality full of all kinds of wealth; why not draw upon it to snatch the freedom and peace of mind that wealth can offer? Rich or poor, let’s be honest, which is better? Rich is, of course. Wealth doesn’t buy happiness, but it sure does offer some comfort. We all have the ability to attract wealth, we just need to know how to go about it. Your first step is to shake off the negative thoughts and the negative people that obscure your goals. If you know anything about the law of attraction, you know how important it is to keep visualizing the positive outcomes that you desire in your life. Once you’ve started towards your goal to turn your life around, bystanders, friends and strangers alike, may sneer and try to discourage you. What do you do? Don’t let these folks throw you off your path. They probably are trying to protect you from disappointment or hurt. For the most part, these folks aren’t trying to sidetrack you. They just don’t understand that in order to be successful, to be wealthy, you have to inculcate faith, desire, and perseverance into your life experience. Your first steps are often your most arduous. You should probably avoid these folks for the time being. Encouragement from these folks? "No way!" you say. Stand back, some of these folks will be offering words of support. Second, since the universe is there, and since it is so big, why not dream in a big way? Don’t play small. The world is pretty persistent in what it demands from you. Be as persistent in your demands. Set a goal and go for it. Being realistic is not a dream or a goal. Think about it. It’s just as easy to set a "realistic" goal as it is to set a "far-fetched" goal. Being "realistic" isn’t being real when you set goals. There’s a lot of "realistic" goals, lots of competition. Did Andy Warhol decide he was just going to be a little artist with a little gallery in New York? Probably not. Getting by or a decent job are not goals. They are what everybody who has no goals get. Since you’re going to be playing in an infinite universe, don’t make your dreams finite. Really now. Would you rather get by or would you rather be a wealth magnet? Third, don’t forget the action! Of course, sitting around contemplating your navel isn’t going to do anything except helping to better know your navel. Did you ever look at the odds on a lottery ticket? The odds are millions to one that you will hit the jackpot. About the same odds if you just sit around thinking about being rich. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: