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Medicine Babies are prone to constipation and such condition is common to them. Infants commonly experience dry, hard stools that could hardly pass out their tiny rectum. There are a number of different causes of constipation in babies, and it depends on their dietary habit, milk feeding formula, age and general well being. The most common cause is mild dehydration that can usually be remedied by consumption of water and juices. Infants who are exclusively breastfeed rarely experiences constipation compared to formula-fed babies who are more often subject to digestive problems. Breast milk is regulated naturally to ensure the right amounts of proteins, nutrients and fat are given to the infants. Formula milk is generally more difficult for infants to digest and mostly causes firmer, fewer frequent stools. If the babies turned older than four months and are being transitioned from liquid to solid diet, constipation symptoms frequently happen. Passing out thicker than normal stools less than once a day may be a sign that the baby is experiencing the discomforts of constipation. Mothers would usually go for the best baby constipation remedies. When the baby experiences pain, its the mother who worries the most. Here are some of the known best baby constipation remedies: 1. Provide the baby with cooled, boiled water to drink – Storing extra fluids of cooled, boiled water can do great help. 2. Give the baby a warm bath – Warm bath water can make the baby relax for the stools to be excreted more easily. When washing the babys bottom, apply some petroleum jelly or cream around the surface of the anus. The moment the baby looks relaxed in the bath, try to massage the babys tummy. 3. Massage the babys tummy – Start massaging from the navel and massage in an outward manner in circles, clockwise in the direction. Massage will feel more smoothing if you have oil and cream on your fingers. Continue only if the baby enjoys the massage, makes him comfortable and relaxed. If he’s feeling discomfort you’ll notice by his facial expression, or of he starts to cry, stop the massage. 4. Move the babys leg in a circling motion – Position the baby on his back. Hold the legs and turn them gently in a quick cycling motion. This practice makes the stomach muscle move and places some gentle pressure on the intestines, to aid movement. 5. If the baby is on formula milk, heed and follow the given instructions on the package carefully – Make sure the mixture is too thick by placing more than the recommended amount of powder. This will help prevent the occurrence of constipation and other digestive health complications. Remember there are different formula brands out in the market, and all are basically of equal quality. Its always best to stick to the same brand. Different formulas require different dilutions. 6. Never use a thermometer to stimulate movement – Do not place a thermometer or anything else inside the babys rectum to stimulate bowel movement. This practice may cause rectal damage. 7. When the baby is between four to six months of age, start introducing more fruits – vegetable purees and porridge into the diet. These foods are rich in fiber and helps prevent constipation. If the given recommended tips on the best baby constipation remedies do not work for the baby, consult a doctor on special laxatives intended for infants. About the Author: By: Rohan Sinha – Chemotherapy is an effective cancer treatment that successfully kills the targeted cancer cells that grows rapidly. But what becomes a problem is that the healthy cells may also get damaged with this treatment. By: RosieAguirre – Consuming generic Plavix for the treatment of coronary artery disease, peripheral vascular disease and cerebrovascular disease can do wonders. 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