The country’s first WeChat electronic identity card exposure (Figure) 月丘うさぎ

The country’s first WeChat electronic identity card exposure (Figure) original title: Nanning people do not go out with the ID card? The country’s first WeChat electronic identity card exposure in new network on 3 November, "no ID cannot stay", "ticket, please show me your identity card" forgot ID will encounter this embarrassing scene. With the "Internet plus" era, mobile payment from the card to electronic security, we combine with the world on the Internet is becoming more and more closely. In Nanning, the exposure of the WeChat "electronic identity card" is the first WeChat ID card, mobile phone also makes everyone in Nanning has one’s own "official" electronic identity. Since then, as long as the ID card to put home. Take a cell phone, your whole life is by your side. According to the Tencent Internet plus cooperation department revealed that the Nanning Municipal Public Security Bureau has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Tencent Inc. The two sides will be based on Tencent superior figure face recognition technology, the city of Nanning in the implementation of the identity of electronic information, so that all the people in Nanning can have a 24 hour is not afraid of forgetting the electronic identity card". The future, as long as the people of Nanning opened the Nanning police micro public and Greentown police App, show this electronic identity card will be able to check-in, check-in station, airport security and other venues. Generation of autonomous region public security bureau Party committee, deputy mayor of Nanning municipal public security bureau Party Secretary Tang Bin and the Tencent Internet plus strategic cooperation general manager Zhang Wei attended the signing ceremony of "electronic identity card is very simple, the people of Nanning can be created in App in the Nanning police micro public and Greentown police information input, then and the image acquisition can generate simple. Electronic identity card in the future life of the wisdom of the people of Nanning will be the first to enjoy the convenience brought by the electronic identity card. In fact, the impact of electronic documents on us more than this. Have a "electronic identity card", "electronic driver’s license" or "electronic social security card", will help everyone more convenient management of their online, offline life, and make the two more closely linked. Previously, the Tencent has combined with the traffic control department of Shenzhen in Shenzhen launched the "WeChat electronic license". Shenzhen owners forget to bring a driver’s license, as long as the production of electronic driver’s license will be able to prove that I am me, so as to avoid fines, car. Identity cards, driver’s license, driving permit, Hong Kong and Macao permits and other important identity documents are often required to carry. With the development of social information, the public has been accustomed to using mobile phones or mobile Internet to deal with everyday things. WeChat’s electronic identity card, and finally overcome the problem of how to prove that I am me through the phone, but also to further enrich the identity of each person. With the improvement of citizens’ electronic identity information, it can also help government departments to open up information islands. In fact, the "electronic identity card" is "Internet plus" empowerment innovation of public services. In November 3rd after the Nanning Public Security Bureau and Tencent signed the "Internet plus strategic cooperation agreement", the Tencent of cloud computing, big data, LBS, payment security, the five "Internet plus" basis ability will be fully energized Nanning public security. Enhance the application of the Internet in the police work, and help Guangxi police to combat telecommunications fraud, fake.相关的主题文章: