Taipei Chinese press art exhibition cum Strait famous exhibition art show in Beijing – suction eye 残清1864

"Taipei Chinese press art exhibition cum Strait famous exhibition" art show new Wangjing – suction art talk Xu Dejin photo director of Chinese Journalists Association and Taipei intellectual female catwalk. Xu Dejin photo Beijing, Taipei on 14 October, (reporter Xu de golden Shao Hua) jointly organized by the Taiwan Journalists Association and the Taipei Sun Zhongshan Memorial Hall "Chinese art exhibition press and cross-strait masters invitational exhibition, 14 in Taipei, Sun Zhongshan Memorial Art Gallery held Cui xi. The Taiwan Journalists Association chairman Yuan Tianming said, the Chinese media art exhibition, showing great achievements in work both sides of the press under the concentric Qili, participants recruited more than 300 pieces of works of Taiwan and 12 provinces in mainland media and more than 150 famous painting artists on both sides of the scale is unprecedented. The rate of China Association delegation attended the exhibition of the Xiamen daily editor in chief Jiang Shuyao said, October spring, at the exhibition site, let him feel the rich artistic atmosphere. He borrowed a delegation of Tongren exhibition of calligraphy works said, "but it can give a family of Takatomo, to open", the traditional culture of the Chinese nation in long history, it is rooted in the hearts of the people on both sides. Earlier, the Chinese press art exhibition in Taipei Sun Zhongshan memorial hall has held 5 sessions, exhibitors can attract a number of media works every time. In the Chinese press art exhibition cum cross-strait masters invitational exhibition, display the contents of the selection of Chinese painting, Western painting, calligraphy, photography, comics and other varieties, including the Inner Mongolia Mongolian calligraphy works, as well as from Xinjiang comics, diverse and distinctive. South of the Five Ridges School of Chinese painting master Ou attended the exhibition opening ceremony, he also refers to this exhibition is "cross-strait harmony" activities. Organizers said that these works show artistic style, rich aesthetic implication, will promote cultural exchanges between the Chinese people, and enhance human literacy. Exhibition site also held a catwalk event, some paper fan painting and calligraphy art lovers wearing painted painting works, hand written calligraphy scarf, in a beautiful violin melody leisurely proudly, attention. (end)相关的主题文章: