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About: international standards to strengthen the selection of composite flooring international standards to strengthen the choice of composite flooring important in the brand a good laminate flooring. However, to understand the laminate flooring, we must first understand the composition of laminate flooring. Strengthen the composition of the composite floor is divided into four layers, the surface of the wear-resistant layer, the second layer of the decorative layer of organic dyes, the HDF layer for the high density of the board, the fourth layer of moisture-proof backplane. Buy Laminate flooring should be tested as a reference index, while the China environmental labeling certification committee of green certification is also a reference standard. Flooring products green certification is not only environmental certification, but also quality certification. As we all know, on the floor in the production process of formaldehyde is used for bonding the indispensable material, is one of the main pollutants (formaldehyde, high activity, may cause irritation to human body. The respiratory tract and the mucous membranes of the eyes) , it is released from the joints of the floor, if the floor quality is not good, the seam is not close enough, the release of formaldehyde, and can not reach the green. So the national green certification is the floor of floor quality, Shuangyou products and environmental behavior. Floor processing is the most advanced in the world, a concave groove height close, special strainer must be used to install power up to fifty kilograms of fit, reducing the maximum between the board and the board shaking, the floor in the use of special glue completely closed after one integrated mass, treading and thermal expansion and contraction are loose not to produce cracks, like "deck" storm fear, inconfutable, become a real pollution-free green floor. In determining a variety of installation conditions are up to the standard, the first step is to strengthen the installation of composite floor to do a good job of moisture-proof measures, which is necessary to prevent the floor damp. Moisture is the most common method of laying tide pad, consumers should pay attention to 2 points on site observation: moisture-proof pad seams are taped and mats in the wall is on 3cm – 5cm;相关的主题文章: