Bozhou girl was on the six grade, the family are worried about school 爱多vcd

Bozhou girl was on the "six grade" a family in the school for a school like a student identity card, a student a number, along with the student’s learning career. However, Qiaocheng District Shuanggou town Yang Xue student information is out of the question. This year, Yang Xue in the village of Wang primary school five grade, but the grade is grade six. As early as Yang Xue in grade two, the school teacher found her school had a mistake, but after the change, the school is still higher than the actual grade. Yang Xue’s father, Yang Zhen, told reporters that their home for the sake of the school did not bother, often go to school, and now did not correct. Next year, Yang Xue on the six grade, but her school is going to junior high school, the family is very anxious. Responsible for the management of the school student Zhao said that the school did not have the power to change the student status, and now the school has reported the situation of Yang Xue, the specific situation is also a detailed investigation. According to Qiaocheng District Bureau of education staff, students and student grade grade appear inconsistent phenomenon, mostly caused by repetition, and according to the school regulations are not allowed to repeat, so by repetition caused by the school grade and school adjustment is not inconsistent. If individual students due to school entry errors, does not belong to the repetition causes, Education Bureau will verify. If it is indeed caused by the school entry errors can be written by the school to provide relevant materials, the District Education Bureau report to the provincial education department, the Provincial Department of education to help solve. (Palm Bozhou reporter Ding Ranran) original title: the little girl was on the six grade, the family are in a hurry in the相关的主题文章: