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Golden week Wuhu Railway Station to open 34 trains   more than half of high-speed rail – Anhui channel — according to the Wuhu daily, the National Day holiday in sight. The day before the Wuhu Railway Station announced the latest holiday trips to open plan, 18 times for the additional 34 high-speed EMU trains, more than half of additional plans, Wuhu plans to open EMU is still key to Nanjing, Shanghai direction. Specific plans for September 30th, and October 1st, 2 days, 6 days, 7 days respectively to open G9233 4, G9237 8 Shanghai Hongqiao to Tongling direction 2 to 4 times of high iron, G7133, G7146 of Shanghai Hongqiao to the direction of Anqing 1 to 2 times higher iron and D9509 10, D9511 2, D9513 4, D9515, 6 D9517 8, D9519 20 Nanjing South – Wuhu direction of the 6 to 12 times emu. The general speed, the station will be opened Wuhu to Hefei, Fuyang province and Mount Huangshan, Hangzhou and other northern direction of popular scenic 16 trains. The station staff said, taking into account the needs of college students returning migrant, Anhui Province is the focus of the new direction, accounting for more than 80% additional trips. However, most of the general speed additional trips the opening date and not yet finalized. According to the pre-sale ticket situation forecast, during the National Day holiday this year, the highest single day passenger flow is expected to exceed 50 thousand people. As of September 26th, there are nearly 20 thousand tickets have been purchased in September 30th did not take. Taking into account the 30 typhoon affected by the greater impact of the rainy weather, the station staff suggested that the ticket has been successful passengers should take tickets as soon as possible. If the passengers are concentrated on the day of departure to get tickets, is bound to lead to the backlog of people queuing, is likely to be delayed due to the timely withdrawal of tickets. In addition, the staff also remind passengers to buy tickets in 12306 non railway official website shall after the tickets by bus ticket paper, electronic information can not be used as stop vouchers, and the purchase of high iron, car full price ticket in 12306 sites of the passengers can hold the two generation ID card directly into the station ticket. (reporter Yang Youyi) (commissioning editor Jin Leixin and Zhang Lei)相关的主题文章: