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The prevalence of minimally invasive technology to lift the exotic home medical ills — I completed the first provincial expert laparoscopic ALPPS surgery (Liu Yu) recently, professor and director of senior hospital doctors tumor surgical department of hepatobiliary surgery Xu Lishan team, the success of a massive hepatic tumors underwent radical surgery for advanced hepatocellular carcinoma — ALPPS (stages of liver segmentation and portal vein ligation combined with liver excision surgery). 35 year old Ms. Cui, long-term workers in Korea, three months before the emergence of paroxysmal abdominal pain, has seriously affected the work of life, then in the local hospital, liver CT liver parenchyma showed masses and nodules multiple irregular shape. Then the patients in South Korea and China’s hospitals were informed of the tumor volume is huge, the residual liver volume is too small, can not be operated, the expected survival time of not more than 2 months. For families of patients presented to four Hayi Da Hospital tumor surgery department of hepatobiliary surgery director Xu Lishan is good at the treatment of liver tumor. Xu Xu, director of a detailed examination of patients, combined with laboratory and imaging findings confirmed as a huge cholangiocarcinoma. Professor Xu Lishan team through the liver 3D reconstruction for patients were assessed accurately before operation, the decision for the "combined liver interruption and portal vein ligation two hepatectomy (associatingliver partition and portal vein ligation for staged hepatectomy, ALPPS)". In the past, the operation requires patients to undergo two open surgery within a week, the patients have a greater burden on the psychological and physiological. Adhering to and minimally invasive trauma control concept, director Xu team decided to play the advantages of minimally invasive surgery, laparoscopic surgery completed the first phase, through the puncture hole can be five 0.5-1.0cm complete open surgery requires a large incision before operation. This is my first attempt, expert laparoscopic ALPPS surgery, the surgery is difficult, need the basis of minimally invasive liver surgery skilled and precise liver anatomy. Cui first stage of surgery to be carried out in accordance with the plan, under the mirror to complete the ligation of the right branch of the portal vein and the left lateral lobe and right third liver tissue completely off, the operation lasted 4 hours, bleeding less than 100ml. Postoperative recovery was very smooth, third days can be separated from the bed activities. Six days later, the volume of the remnant liver in the left lobe of the liver was increased by nearly 70%, which met the requirement of the two stage operation. Two a week after the operation carried out as scheduled, complete resection of the right liver cancer (trefoil lesions up to more than 10, the maximum range of about 20× 20cm), and complete removal of the retention of the left liver lobe of two lesions. The operation lasted 6.5 hours, the operation was smooth, the bleeding was about 200ML. After the operation, the patients were treated with meticulous care and meticulous care, no complications occurred, and tenth days after operation. The patients and their family members spoke highly of Xu Lishan director and senior hospital doctors quality service team. According to Xu Lishan, director of ALPPS surgery for the treatment of residual liver volume is small and can not tolerate the large volume of liver resection in patients with advanced liver cancer, can not.相关的主题文章: