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Garlic prices almost equal to the price of meat! So eat healthy and do not waste the original title: garlic prices soaring to the price of meat! This is not a waste of food due to weather garlic production decline in the price of pork according to the sound of Chinese soared close to "peak Evening News" reported that recently, many national garlic prices rose significantly, some local garlic retail price has exceeded ten yuan per kilogram. Garlic swept the market following the 2010, six years after the comeback. Shandong is the main producing area of garlic, the price trend, the basic decision of the national price of garlic. In Shandong, Qingdao, Qingdao residents Lee brought Tuandao farmers market to buy vegetables, garlic prices recently found some ridiculously expensive, even more than the meat. Some people even ridicule, now is to eat dumplings, can not afford garlic". However, in the winter, we need to eat more garlic, especially when eating dumplings, although garlic expensive, but the food to eat, but also very particular about eating. The best to make the most suitable raw garlic mashed garlic, Daocheng mashed garlic and the best food, instead of garlic. Also the first placed in the air for 10~15 minutes, and alliinase in the air fully combined to produce allicin, in order to maximize the consumption reflects its nutritional value. Add some mashed garlic, do cold dishes not only taste, garlic can also play the effect of the stomach. With garlic and vinegar, sesame paste and mix into the garlic juice is mixed with cold dishes, the best combination of very fresh garlic and minced meat stuffing; collocation, make all kinds of food containing stuffing is nutritious and delicious. In addition, stewed mutton and garlic, can promote fat deposition, reduce fat intake when eating. Garlic is afraid will soon heat thermal decomposition of allicin, so when cooking not long cooked, fried, fried, fried. Therefore, when cooking, should be clean wok before add garlic or garlic, not only increase the food delicious, and no loss of nutrients of garlic. In cooked meat, fish stew add some garlic, can smell, to smell, and adjust the taste of dishes. Meat and garlic is one of meat in vitamin B1 is not stable, easily excreted in the urine, such as garlic and eat together, then lean in vitamin B1 and Allicin combined with the formation of stable allithiamine, can increase the content of vitamin B1 in the meat, also prolong the residence time of vitamin B1 in the human body, improve the in the gastrointestinal absorption and utilization. So, when the amount of meat to eat a little garlic, it is best to eat can break into mashed garlic, oily solution, help digestion, nutrient absorption and allow to achieve a multiplier effect. Warm tip: garlic is a good thing, but there are some inappropriate crowd. Qi deficiency, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, liver disease with less. Temperature can help fire, five upset hot, tongue sick can not be used. Even people who eat raw garlic should be used every day to eat less principle, each with 2 to 3 petals is limited, can not be too much. (Health times)相关的主题文章: