What This War Within Three Kingdoms to the movie actor Ekin Cheng 残清1864

What? This "War Within Three Kingdoms" to the movie actor Ekin Cheng as the "War Within Three Kingdoms ·"; magic boot time Reuters   October 12th, fantasy movies "War Within Three Kingdoms · illusion" official start in Hangzhou. Ekin Cheng, Qing Jia, Yu Rongguang, Michael Tse, Lin Xiaofeng, Lu, Wang Zheng and other actors to join. Starring Ekin Cheng side of the film, as a hero fantasy theme of the film, there must be a "hero" and "love"". The movie "·" by War Within Three Kingdoms; magic show to the audience, will be a set of martial arts, intrigue, suspense, love, open as one of the new world. In the film with the same name of the card game "War Within Three Kingdoms", "kill" and "flash" can be described as the most basic existence. According to the film side revealed that these elements of the film will be more fun. Starring Qing Jia and according to the professional statistics and social listening means analysis, "War Within Three Kingdoms" game player occupies Chinese game users share of nearly 90%, can be said to have a strong market IP. The film side said that the launch of the film, "War Within Three Kingdoms ·, magic" is closely followed by the crowd and the crowd watching the current trend of the game.相关的主题文章: