Hot wire! Yongkang section of national highway 330 will be repaired by the end of October 12th mp7a1

Hot wire! Yongkang section of 330 National Highway will be completed restoration of the National Day holiday for office workers in October 12th, is a rare leisure time. But in the 330 State Road, Yongkang, Jinhua City, the asphalt pavement disease control construction of the Yongkang highway, to the end of the National Day holiday, also did not let a day off. Since September 30th, entering the construction, the whole National Day holiday, day and night construction personnel, two round staff overtime, busy on the pavement by milling and paving asphalt concrete pavement construction. The Yongkang section of 330 National Highway Asphalt Concrete Pavement Repair Project, the total length of a single 14 kilometers, starting from Jinyun city and Yongkang county at the junction of Jiepai village, to the city, the main road of implementation relates to Qian Cang Zhen, Shizhu town and Yongkang city. In order to reduce the asphalt mixing temperature and reduce energy consumption, it is suitable for the construction of road surface disease of 330 National Highway in Yongkang, which is suitable for the construction of SMA asphalt mixture. It is reported that the project total investment of 16 million yuan, the main project will be completed in October 12th, when the driver friends can not bypass traffic.相关的主题文章: