Boy with angelababy bestie exposure has been the first time to tell her – in the new network-wegener肉芽肿

Boy: with Angelababy bestie exposure has been the first time to tell the new network in the new network on September – in 14, according to "Taiwan times" reported Chinese, Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming get married, two people still work full of files. The man had previously revealed almost no time two people meet, unexpectedly has recently repeatedly Baby pregnant news, she had to attend the activities have also been found belly bulge! And now there is a friend for the Hongkong media broke the news, Baby has indeed pregnant, even after Huang Xiaoming learned very nervous. It was claimed to be seized in obstetrics Baby days before, and now have girlfriends told the Hongkong media message, Baby refers to the couple was very happy that the pregnancy, but also for the first time to tell her. Huang Xiaoming was nervous to death, to quickly handle Baby work after the end of stoppage of child support, even child sex is burst, is said to be a boy. But for Baby the news of pregnancy, the two sides brokers by common consent response, said they were not clear, also said that if there is good news will be open to the public. But many fans came to see the photos of Baby, have found that she has good news.相关的主题文章: