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Beijing development and Reform Commission: CPI rose 3.5% will be issued a temporary price subsidies in the new network – the newspaper news (reporter Lin Yan) when prices rise to a certain extent, affect the lives of ordinary people, 220 thousand urban and rural, poor, orphans and disabled children who will enjoy a temporary government issued price subsidies. Yesterday, the municipal development and Reform Commission announced that the newly revised "urban and rural residents basic consumer price changes in emergency relief plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") has been formally implemented. The new version of the plan to expand the coverage of price subsidies staff, shortening the cycle of subsidies. One of the four categories of conditions will start the price subsidy according to the new version of the plan, touch any of the following four conditions, the government will give the relevant security personnel to provide temporary price subsidies. Including these four kinds of situations: when the CPI single month rose to 3.5%; food prices rose 6% year-on-year single month; start the payment of temporary price subsidies conditions of grain meat and egg dishes and other important commodities prices rose to its special price regulation plan provisions; in other cases the municipal government decision. Compared with the old version of the 2014 "plan", "plan" the new start condition is more sensitive, such as subsidies to start CPI single month rose to 3.5%, while the old version of the provisions CPI rose to more than 3 consecutive months, the value determined by the control objectives of the city to start. The "plan" will increase in food prices is reduced from 7% to 6%, fully taking into account the food consumption in the high proportion of low-income groups in the consumption of low-income groups, changes in food prices are sensitive factors. In addition, the original conditions for the start of the indicators were set for 3 consecutive months, the new version of the plan will trigger the cycle shortened to 1 months. In other words, no matter what the conditions, as long as the start of the month to meet the conditions, will immediately grant subsidies. The scope of protection to 220 thousand people in addition to the start-up conditions are more sensitive, the new version of the plan to further expand the scope of protection. Based on the 2014 version of the old version of the "plan" 5 security groups on the range, enjoy the state expanded the scope of the regular pension subsidies entitled groups, will be part of the rural areas of retired soldiers included, and increase the courageous staff and their families enjoy regular pension. According to the new edition of the "plan", can enjoy government subsidies of security groups include 6 categories, respectively: the city residents in urban and rural areas; enjoy national regular pension subsidies entitled groups (including part of the rural areas of retired soldiers); enjoy the heroic workers and regular family pension; poor people; disabled children; unemployment insurance pensioners. These 6 categories of security groups, covering about 220 thousand people around the city. 20 working days after the completion of the issuance of subsidies in accordance with the new version of the plan, the issuance of temporary price subsidies will be more timely. Temporary price subsidies must be completed within 20 working days after the release of the index, compared to the original 30 days, further shortening the payment cycle, low-income groups can be more timely access to temporary price subsidies. Municipal Development and Reform Commission official said, the revised and improved emergency rescue plan is the most important.相关的主题文章: