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The "BioShock" heavy plate IGN 8.2 of this cold meals can eat "BioShock: Collection" let us have the opportunity in the absence of long after, back to the bottom of Rapture, experience the classic story collection edition contains "BioShock" trilogy and all DLC, it provides a new game player good opportunity, can really play through the three classic FPS series, and the old fans can also reproduce in the picture collection to a new experience. "BioShock" remake IGN score of 8.2 IGN editing as a series of Laoniao, can return to the game fun, but also for the promotion of the game was a little disappointed, and a than a poor, most of the original "BioShock" won the biggest improvement, from the texture and light photos are now almost reached the level of the game, the "BioShock infinite" is basically is the original version of the game, collection or to maintain the original game, missed the game for the game player of the year before the absolute is worth considering to start, and intend to revisit the same game player worthy of collection. "BioShock" remake the picture "BioShock" remake the picture "BioShock" heavy plate screen   (source: gamesky editor: unhappy) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with its.相关的主题文章: