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A: what interests of players in the League not willing to cooperate with the United Arab Association stipulated in an interview with sina sports news Beijing time on November 4th, 2016-17 CBA of the third season starts tonight. The Guangdong team Yi Jianlian for "shoes" incident was sentenced to a suspended, but this morning he took part in the team’s training. At the end of the training, he accepted an interview with reporters, and again apologize for their actions. Although not playing tonight, but the Arab Israeli joint or early arrived at the training hall, and everyone in the morning training, the team will also be open. Watch the video when the other team, and a fitness coach came to the room for the power of training. Because there is no competition tonight, the Arab League also deliberately extended their training time. An hour after the end of the normal training, the Arab League out of training venues. Yi Jianlian face reporters shot again apologized to the public, "the first for my own intense, improper behavior to apologize, because the entire league, for many adverse effects of fans and the whole environment, he made a profound reflection at the end of the game, the behavior is not correct, so to apologize again." Speaking after a ban on what time, he explained, "is the first report from my return, let the future club, because I hope the foot has a pair of shoes to wear special processed game. Don’t know how the outside world and the media put foot problem into the problem of brand, from A to Z are not in the basketball association with the submission should wear brand shoes. Just my foot problems need to be like me before this need special treatment, including the insoles are special. So for this problem submitted such a report and application." "But the feedback I get, the center says is not allowed to wear other brands of shoes. This may be a bit of misunderstanding with me, resulting in the spread of bad influence." Yi Jianlian believes that their appeal is not a brand, but the center of the tube will be wrong. But since the problem has occurred, then how to solve is the key, "for our athletes in the league so far not what their interests, we also according to the league with CBA, let him have a better development. I myself should abide by this rule, I am very willing to take the initiative to cooperate. I just hope that the next two days how to get a handle on the shoes, can go to the game." Finally, the reporter asked, "there is no exact answer to wear shoes?" Yi Jianlian replied, "then cooperate with the provisions of the office of the league, has made positive adjustment on foot." (Chen Xi)相关的主题文章: