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Hong Kong media interview with Lang Ping: just don’t mind called "loyal to major general" – Beijing picture: August 27th, women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping answered media questions at the press conference. Xinhua News Agency reporter Lu Binghui Photo Reference News Network September 3rd Hong Kong media reported that from the star players to "rebel", the state and then re boarded the hero, Chinese women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping said, she does not care about these labels, she had done just for their own professional. According to Hongkong’s "South China Morning Post" website reported on August 30th, China led the women’s volleyball team at the Rio Olympic gold Lang Ping, "in August 29th to accept an exclusive interview with the South China Morning Post" said, "I do not care about these things, any country may also occur". She said: "when I was studying in the United States, surrounded by a variety of voices, I think there is nothing wrong, it is normal to have different ideas." Lang Ping added that the Chinese women’s volleyball team in Hongkong has been very enthusiastic and supportive. Reported that Lang Ping as the athletes and coaches have won the first Olympic women’s volleyball champion, as early as the 1984 Olympic Games in Losangeles won the Olympic gold medal. "Iron hammer", said Lang Ping, retired in 80s and did not like her former teammates like to officials, but chose to study sports management. In 2005, she was invited as the American women’s volleyball coach, and in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games women’s volleyball team defeated China led the American team, so she was by some people as "rebel". Lang Ping, 55, said: I do not mind, people have the right to have their own ideas, whether they like me or not." "I have my major, and my major is volleyball." Lang Ping said it would be her honor to be invited to be the coach of the national team, "I am proud of myself because I am chinese." Reported that in 2013, Lang Ping was invited to return to lead the Chinese national team, the condition is that the government does not interfere with the team’s management. The changes she has brought about include getting rid of the traditional military training style and inviting foreign experts to join her team. The former ace attack players, referring to his inbound between 3 days and no time, walk around, she called on the people to do more exercise. She said: "you do not need a professional, as long as you like sports, like sports, like living a healthy life, it is good."相关的主题文章: