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Breast cancer will be genetic? Is it related to the environment? Sohu in the bath found Health Wang himself left breast lump seems to have a bath, and then each time can be found in this small block, my heart whispered: "my aunt had breast cancer, the risk is also very big? But I am still young, not… Oh, as if Yao Beina is young late… "Wang heart more think more very upset, wondering:" breast cancer genetic? The family has relatives to get breast cancer, I am also very dangerous?" Breast cancer will inherit it? We look at the famous actress Angelina? Julie (Angelina Jolie) and breast cancer story, 2013 Julie was found in her genetic screening with a genetic defect (carrying BRCA1 gene mutation, the risk of breast cancer than the average person 10 times higher), doctors estimated she with higher risk for breast and ovarian cancer, she will take the initiative to request to minimize the risk, underwent prophylactic bilateral breast surgery, in order to reduce the risk of cancer. That year, Julie’s preventive surgery did cause some heat. Many people are more concerned about the role of genetics in breast cancer. In fact, Julie’s mother fought cancer for nearly ten years, and died at the age of 56. Her BRCA1 mutation was inherited from her mother. Genetic susceptibility genes are not equal to the concept of genetic disease genetic disease often makes social groups have different views, and then lead to a series of problems. For example, my mother has breast cancer, then I will get breast cancer? My mother and relatives do not have breast cancer, why do I get breast cancer? My grandmother died of breast cancer, my mother lived to 70 years old are very healthy, the scientific truth behind this is what, then I do not have the risk of breast cancer? Behind this series of problems is that we ignore the concept of polygenic inheritance disease. Different from conventional single protanopia, albinism gene disease, multi gene disease refers to this kind of disease involves multiple genes, each gene only minor cumulative effect, so for the same disease, different people because the number of pathogenic gene may be involved in the different, the severity of the disease, the risk of recurrence can be there are obvious differences. The more the number of pathogenic genes, the deeper the degree, the higher the risk of disease, but also more serious. So how do these genes accumulate so many "abnormal"? One is the genetic abnormalities of the parents, on the other hand is the mutation of the acquired stage. It is worth mentioning that, so many genes together to determine a disease, it is entirely dependent on the parents to determine the gene, it seems very difficult, so relatively speaking, the acquired factor is very important. In general, the more genes involved in a disease, the greater the component. For example, high blood pressure, diabetes, breast cancer and so on, are polygenic genetic disease. For example, height is controlled by multiple genes. Clinical commonly used parents to estimate the height of the child’s "normal" height, which reflects the height of the parents will affect the height of their children. But in fact, with the influence of nutrition, exercise and other factors, 9相关的主题文章: