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Shanxi Fujian to Taiwan Shanxi coach team game against old club Xu Jinzhe led the team to battle the old club sports Tencent September 23rd news (reporter Chen Yueze) recently, according to Taiwan media reports, the Shanxi men’s basketball team and the Fujian team will go to Taiwan for a pre-season tour, but the opponent is Taiwan SBL League champion and runner up team Taipi Pu Park team. It is understood that this competition will be held from 23 to 25 this month. Now the Shanxi men’s basketball coach Xu Jinzhe, who is Pu Park team service manager. In the Pu Park team, Xu Jinzhe has led four consecutive extraordinary record, and went to Taiwan for the warm-up match, and Xu Jinzhe will meet his old club. "I am very happy to see him again, this is a good opportunity to work with him on the pitch to meet, but the focus is on a player game," coach Mabanda said the team Pu park. In addition to Xu Jinzhe, another will be playing with the old club is the Fujian team player, Chen Shijie. This year, 32 year old Chen Shijie height of 1 meters, the presence of the boss of the 75. He served in the Pu Park team, and in 2012 the SBL MVP League title of honor. Chen Shijie has represented the Chinese Taipei team to participate in the Asian Games in 2013 and the Asian Games in 2015. In addition, this year’s CBA draft was selected by the Fujian team Taiwan player Hu Longmao will also represent the Fujian team in this game. [collection] Liaoning 132-115 Shanxi Guo Ailun (Shanxi 267 revenge video has nothing to do with the original, for further reading.)相关的主题文章: