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Back Up Your Entire Drive With Disk Image Software Posted By: Ed Robinson No matter how reliable you think your computer might be, it would be tempting fate to assume that nothing can ever go wrong, leading to the loss of important data. System failures that leave you with corrupted files or storage devices or a computer that simply refuses to boot can happen for all sorts of reasons, so it is wise to always make sure you are prepared. There are many ways of backing up your files, but none are more thorough than making a complete byte-by-byte copy of your entire hard disk. This disk imaging method of backup will ensure that absolutely all of your data is kept safe, and there is no chance of missing anything that might turn out important once it is too late. Active@ Disk Image provides a wide range of features and excellent ease of use to help you keep all of your data safe. An ideal solution for both home and business use, its user-friendly interface requires little explanation thanks to an intuitive design. It offers users two methods of backing up the entire contents of your hard disk or any other digital storage media, such as flash disks and external hard drives.

disk image software Keep Your Data Safe With Disk Image Software Posted By: Ed Robinson It is very important to ensure that your system is properly backed up and that all of your personal files and folders are kept safe. There are many different ways you can back up your files, but there is no more thorough way than using disk image software. Active@ Disk Image is one of the world’s leading disk image backup solutions. It thoroughly records a complete image of your hard disk or any other media that you want to back up, providing you with a safe and secure backup whenever you need it. It also works with optical media or external drives such as USB pen drives and digital memory cards. The disk image, once created, is a byte-by-byte copy of the media being backed up. You can store this anywhere you like, provided that there is enough disk space. In the event of a computer hardware failure or other cause of data loss, you always have the disk image to fall back on. Active@ Disk Image is a powerful tool offering a wide range of useful features and a user-friendly interface that does not require any expertise to use.

copy partition disk image software Backup Your System With Disk Image Software Posted By: Ed Robinson Keeping your data safe is essential since there are many situations in which things can go wrong and important data can be unwittingly deleted. Although there are many different data backup solutions available out there, disk image software provides one of the most thorough and effective ways of backing up data. Active@ Disk Image is one of the leading solutions for disk image software and it makes an exact and complete copy of almost any kind of media such as a hard disk drive, flash drive or optical media. The disk image is then stored in a folder on your chosen target media and you can use this for reliably duplicating the entire contents of the disk. No longer do you have to worry about losing data in the event of a computer failure. Active@ Disk Image is a versatile and user-friendly tool providing you with two different methods of creating disk images and safely backing up your data. The backup disk image method is used for backing up the entire contents of a computer or any other kind of media.

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