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Twilight Saga -Eclipse is releasing in June and the air is heavy with anticipation. Are you geared up to jump in and feel all the excitement? You have a chance to be a part at the Eclipse premiere release event in San-Diego, California on June 29, 2010. So what is the buzz all about? Probably it is the darker, more intense feel to the movie, or the tender romance between Bella and Edward or the quirky and fun scene of the Forks High School’s graduation ceremony, which is also significant to Bellas transformation .Bella’s engagement ring takes on its own character in the story and is a piece from Edwards past. The emotional tension stretched by chords of heartbreak and love will throw you on a roller-coaster ride. The vampire Victoria is ever on the prowl to hunt down Bella. The story moves on as a sword hangs over Bellas life. According to critics, the movie has outdone the preceding Twilight Saga release-New moon in terms of costumes and effects. The fight-sequences are phenomenal. The music score has been given by Academy Award winner Howard Shore who has composed for films like The Lord of The Rings and The Aviator. The story opens with the revelation of a string of unsolved murders in Seattle, Washington which Edward Cullen Suspects are by a new-born vampire who cannot control his thirst for human blood. To know how the plot winds come and watch the premiere! Fact be stated, the book Twilight Saga -Eclipse ranked among the top 4 bestsellers of 2008 and has been ranked among top 15 all-time bestsellers. The cover of the book shows a torn ribbon which represents Bellas choice between love and friendship. Stephanie Meyer, the author also stated that the ribbon represents the ides that Bella is unable to completely break away from her human life. For Twilight fans, this movie is to die-for. You simply cannot afford to miss the celebrations. Find out how you can buy tickets on the site. This massive event will be based out of San Diego California with a theatre privately rented just for the Eclipse release party . The theatre will be open only to those who have purchased tickets to attend this event. Attendees will also receive a commemorative bag with promotional and/or merchandise related items related to the Twilight Saga. With the purchase of every ticket you will receive a commemorative bag with promotional and/or merchandise related items related to the Twilight Saga! We have surprises in store for those who are lucky, so stay tuned to the updates and announcements on our website So don’t miss out on a once in a life time experience! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: