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Beauty Some people believe that, Teeth-whitening done at home is risky and not effective. Dentists will produce better results. This is surprising, but truth is that, you can get same result by doing the teeth whitening treatment at home, that are obtained by visiting a dentist’s chamber. So it is better not to waste money to have professional whitening done at your dentist’s chamber that will cost huge money that generally is not covered under the dental insurance plans. You can use at home kits for bleaching your teeth at a much cheaper cost. These kits generally take a fortnight to .plete the process with one or two visits to your dentist. Many people may think that whitening lasts forever. In fact, usually teeth whitening will last for 6 to 12 months. Obviously it will depend on individual’s life style, food habit, method of whitening etc. For example, expensive whitening at a dental clinic will last for a longer period of time than a .paratively cheaper technique like bleaching strips. Customized bleaching mouth tray method is the most cost effective method to keep your teeth white because in this process you will get fitted with a mouth tray customized just for you which can be used repeatedly by changing the gel only. Another important issue that you should know about teeth whitening is that, usually whitening toothpastes is not peroxide based. Hydrogen or carbamide peroxide is the safest and most effective ingredient of teeth whitening. Those toothpastes contain mild abrasives or polishing agents which helps to clean up the surface stains on your teeth. You need to be careful about the food that stains your teeth after you have undergone a teeth whitening. Foods like soya sauce, fruits including berries and cherries that are acidic in content stain your teeth and causes heavy pigmentation. Drinks like colas and dark soft drinks, beverages like tea, coffee, and almost all juices can cause staining. To avoid staining or pigmentation you should brush your teeth as soon as possible after consuming such foods and drinks. Use of a straw to protect your front teeth from staining could be an intelligent way to protect your whitened teeth. You have to very careful while brushing to ensure that you do not brush too hard. This has more detrimental effects on your whitened teeth. Brushing too hard might damage your teeth enamel. The thinner the enamel the more is the chance for the second layer of teeth which is yellow or brownish in color to be exposed. Use of a soft brush is advised by dentists to keep your teeth enamel protected. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: