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UnCategorized Retirement income funds were made to be completely liquidated after a certain period or upon reaching a specific date, making these a good investment to add to your retirement portfolio. These funds give you gradual returns on your initial investment and the earnings it accumulates up to the target or end date. How much you receive in monthly profits depend on market conditions and the performance of the investment’s assets. Retirement income funds aren’t the same as managed-payout funds or income-replacement funds, although these two funds usually make money through investments in other mutual funds. Managed-payout funds slightly differ from income-replacement funds in that they were designed to give the investor monthly profits as the initial investment grows. If stock market conditions are favorable, the fund won’t have to use part of the principal to meet the expected payout amounts. When you invest in these types of funds, assets are allocated in other mutual funds. This allows investors access to growth and value stocks, commodities, new markets, bonds, and real estate. The diversification these funds provide are ideal for investors who want the benefits of a diversified portfolio without having to put in too much time and effort towards asset allocation and shuffling one’s portfolio in terms of what portions are put into bonds and stocks as market conditions change. Identifying the best type of fund to generate retirement income is typically based on how solid the payment guarantee is, in addition to the kind of income stream you want as you enter into retirement. Retirees have often used income annuities, also known as immediate annuities, to bolster their nest eggs. However, these tools and other retirement income funds should be used sparingly – never put too much of your assets into a single investment such as a target-income fund or immediate annuity. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: