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UnCategorized Let’s talk about AdWord campaign and managing this on a long term basis as part of any small business internet marketing. There are three things you want to manage for. These are the elements that make up the quality score. The first thing is the landing page quality. Then, there is relevance and click through rate. One little sneaky trick is that if you’re bidding for the term, for example, Hampton physio and you’re already ranking number one in SEO for Hampton physio, you can’t get a better landing page quality. Google already says in their other algorithm, which is very similar to the AdWords algorithm, that this page is the best site they can find on the web for the term Hampton physio. So if you’re sending AdWords traffic to that, Google has to give you a 10 over 10 because it is the best page they have on the web naturally, so of course it is going to be the best page they’re going to show for pay per click. You always want to try and refine that so your AdWords match the landing page. You do not want to bid for back pain, physio, chiro, hurt knee, hurt ankle and send them all to the one page, because it is that one page, one purpose method from the perspective of an SEO services review, from a conversion perspective and from an AdWord campaign perspective. If Google see that you’re bidding on a keyword, the keyword’s in the ad somewhere and the keyword is on the page. It will reward you for that. That’s basically what the relevance thing .es into. So split testing your adverts, having one or two adverts running at any given time is important because it will help your click through rate. One thing that we do as SEO specialists which is a little bit of a trick from a split testing perspective, not only for AdWords but also for split testing even with direct mail and so on, we do an AAB split test. So if we’ve got an ad group running, we’ll run three different ads in that group. What we’ll do is A1 which is the first advert, we’ll literally replicate that exactly. So if we have a winning ad that’s winning right now and it’s getting a click through rate of 10% or whatever it might be, we’ll run that ad twice, identical in the same group. Then we’ll run a B2 which is the .petitive one. So what will happen over time, A1 is going to get 33% of impressions, the identical one will get 33% and the last, B2 will get 33%. So all you’re doing is risking 33% of your impressions on a testing ad as far as AdWord Campaign is concerned. You know this is working, you know what sort of percentage it is getting. If you run two of these ads you’re running, 66% of the impressions are getting the ad that you know works. You’re only risking 33% of those impressions on an ad that may bomb and may be dead. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: