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Health In our time crunched society, it is difficult to try to squeeze in a workout much less add time for a separate abdominal routine. However, one need not despair when short on time. There are many different options for fast ab workouts which are effective and are as easy as putting in a DVD. There are several reasons why one might be short on time. Parents typically have little time to devote to themselves when at home. Between dinner, homework and activities, evenings with children are generally booked. The same can occur during the morning routine for families. During the work week, an individual may find that they just want to relax when they come home after a long day. The mere thought of exercise may conjure up images of trips to the gym and a grueling routine that requires special attire, fancy equipment and at least twenty minutes for which to devote to that routine. The number of excuses not to exercise is almost infinite. However, most individuals don’t realize that abdominal workouts are easy to access either via the internet, video or book. The simplest and quickest abdominal routine is to do a set of 10 traditional crunches followed by 10 oblique crunches to the knees on both the left and right sides. Complete the abdominal workout by doing 10 reverse crunches with the knees coming to the chest. Depending upon fitness level, this abdominal workout could be completed in less than two minutes. One could build upon this routine as abdominal strength and stamina increase by simply repeating the cycle as desired. DVDs offer another option for those who struggle with self motivation and crave variety. For example, there are several options available from the creators of the 10 Minute Solution workouts. One could choose a DVD with traditional crunches or standing routines which target the abs through movement. is a site devoted to video workouts and a quick search will result in a multitude of options. For those who like to add weight to their routines, kettlebell training targets the abdominals. One might visit, a site devoted to kettlebell training, to view exercises and study correct form under the minute of strength heading. DVDs are also available on this site for those wishing to learn and study kettlebell training. A third option would be to follow along with an internet video such as those found on .youtube… Here, one can see correct form demonstrated or can follow along with fast ab workouts using a simple click of the mouse. Yet another option that one could try is to purchase a book dedicated to abdominal routines at a local book store. Although not the quickest of the four options due to the time it takes to read about the routines, this method can provide a customized routine once the individual learns the exercises provided within the book. In conclusion, there are many different methods that one could employ for abdominal exercise. One could pick one of the four mentioned methods or each method could be employed on different days for maximum variety. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: