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95 after the beauty shop apprentice apprenticeship theft Benz boss arrested a careless – Beijing [Xinmin new report]? 95 after the beauty salon apprentice, this should be hard blow, but to meet the vanity, stole the hairdressing shop owner Benz car keys, to drive every day. Xinmin Xinmin Evening News reporter was informed that Putuo police recently arrested the thief Xia, successfully cracked the burglary case. In September 4th, as the Putuo area police station received the hairdressing shop owner Mr. Huang said the alarm, stop at the salon near the fixed parking spaces on the Mercedes Benz car is gone. Huang reflect his last car was in August 31st, not recently opened a car, and every day to see their car parked in a fixed parking spaces, the morning of September 4th found the car disappeared. Through the retrieval of surveillance, the police found during August 31st to September 3rd, every day at 11 pm, Mr. Huang Benz will engage in hair out, but Mr. Huang denied this period had his own car. Due to the night monitoring screen is not clear, the police through a large number of screening more clear picture of the driver to identify mr.. In the end, Mr. Huang from the frame in which the thief was identified in the salon of his apprentice xia. Locking suspects Xiamou, police to act quickly and on the evening of the next day in the Putuo District area as a cafe and arrested him. Xiamou confessed after appearing in court, he returned to Qingjian on the evening of August 31st, the staff quarters, found that the boss is sleeping here, then stole the spur of the moment, Mr. Huang in the pants pocket cash, cigarettes and other items, the accident was a Benz car keys. In order to satisfy their vanity, Xiamou every day until the barber shop closed, then driving Mercedes boss out for a ride to practice driving, then parked the car back. However, on the evening of September 3rd, when the summer went out in a hurry, Mercedes Benz car scraped scratch, they did not dare to put the car back to the original place, which led to Mr. Wong alarm. At present, the suspect Xia suspicion of burglary has been Putuo police criminal detention according to law. Xinmin Evening News Xinmin reporter Dai Tianjiao相关的主题文章: