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A British helicopter was African poachers fired   pilots were killed – International – people.com.cn Tanzania officials confirmed in January 31st, a British pilot in a helicopter anti poaching mission in Tanzania, was shot on the ground of poaching staff. Tanzania then searching for the murderer, has arrested 5 suspects. [this] suddenly shot the pilot named Roger? Al Gore, aged 37, worked at the headquarters located in Texas Friedkin conservation fund. In the Tanzania government and the foundation of a joint action to combat poaching in January 29th over Gore driving a helicopter hovering in Tanzania near Serengeti National Park Ma Su watts sanctuary, trying to track and prevent poachers carrying ivory escape. At the time, the poachers had shot two elephants, and Al Gore found that they had just shot third elephants. On the day of the Puladike antipoaching? Patel told the Broadcasting British Corporation reporter: "when Roger found out (elephant) dead, he began to hover in the poachers, and then in the vicinity of the area to start search. He found evidence of ivory, and flew over the return to poachers." "At this point, a poacher stole out of the bushes and opened fire on Roger," Patel said. A bullet penetrated the helicopter floor, shot through Roger’s legs, body and shoulders, then hit his face, and finally hit the top of the helicopter cabin." It was learned that another man in the helicopter followed the emergency operation of a helicopter to crash and land, only slightly injured, while Al Gore was seriously injured. Scene photos show the helicopter cabin tail broken, multiple bullet holes, with bullet holes, and besmeared with blood on a chair. The British Foreign Ministry confirmed in a statement that Al Gore had been shot by poachers in Tanzania. "At this difficult moment, we are providing assistance to the families of the dead". Tanzania Vice Minister of natural resources and the Ministry of tourism marcartney January 31st Ramone? Said, the police have started searching for the murderer, has arrested 5 suspects. According to Patel, poachers use big caliber guns to fire at Al Gore, probably the gun they use to hunt elephants". The Prime Minister of Tanzania, Niyalandu? On twitter that poachers are using AK 47 automatic rifle. Nia Landu, who served as Minister of natural resources and tourism in Tanzania, flew together with Al Gore to perform the task of protecting wildlife. Nia Landu wrote on Twitter: "life is precious."…… A good man goes too early, and we feel heart broken." "The poachers who shot Roger were cowardly, evil and pathetic," Nia Landu said. "We have to do everything to bring them to justice." Dan Dan, founder of the nature foundation, said: "this tragedy highlights the enormous risks and risks of protecting wild animals in Tanzania." Animal protection groups say poaching in Tanzania has surged to industrial scale in recent years". A survey shows Tanzania elephants. 英国一直升机遭非洲偷猎者开火 飞行员遇害–国际–人民网   坦桑尼亚官员1月31日证实,一名英国飞行员驾驶一架直升机在坦桑尼亚执行反偷猎任务时,遭地面上的偷猎人员开枪射杀。坦方随即搜捕凶手,已经逮捕5名嫌疑人。   【突遭射杀】   这名飞行员名为罗杰?高尔,现年37岁,供职于总部位于美国得克萨斯州的弗里德金自然保护基金会。   在坦桑尼亚政府与该基金会的一次联合打击偷猎行动中,高尔1月29日驾驶一架直升机盘旋在坦桑尼亚塞伦盖蒂国家公园附近的马苏瓦禁猎区上空,试图追踪并阻止几名偷猎者携带象牙逃离。当时,这些偷猎者已经射杀两头大象,而高尔发现他们刚刚又射杀了第三头大象。   参与当天反偷猎行动的普拉蒂克?帕特尔告诉英国广播公司记者:“当罗杰发现几具(大象)死尸,他开始盘旋在偷猎者的上空,随后在附近区域展开搜索。他找到象牙证据,于是驾机返回到偷猎者的上空。”   “这时,一名偷猎者偷偷走出灌木丛,朝罗杰开火,”帕特尔说。“一枚子弹击穿直升机地板,射穿罗杰的腿部、身体和肩膀,接着击中他的面部,最终射穿直升机舱顶。”   据了解,直升机内另一名男子随后紧急操纵直升机碰撞着陆,仅受轻伤;而高尔伤重身亡。现场照片显示,直升机尾翼折断,机舱多处有弹孔,其中一个座椅上有弹孔、且血迹斑斑。   【搜捕凶手】   英国外交部在一份声明里证实,高尔在坦桑尼亚遭偷猎者射杀,“在这个艰难的时刻,我们正向死者家属提供援助”。   坦桑尼亚自然资源与旅游部副部长拉莫?马卡尼1月31日说,警方已着手搜捕凶手,目前已逮捕5名嫌疑人。   据帕特尔推测,偷猎者使用“大口径枪支”朝高尔开火,很可能是“他们用来猎捕大象的那把枪”。坦桑尼亚总理拉扎罗?尼亚兰杜在“推特”微博客上说,偷猎者使用的是AK-47自动步枪。   尼亚兰杜曾任坦桑尼亚自然资源与旅游部长,多次与高尔共同飞行,执行保护野生动物任务。尼亚兰杜在“推特”上写道:“生命很珍贵……一位好人走得太早,我们感到心碎。”   “射杀罗杰的那些偷猎者很懦弱、邪恶和可悲,”尼亚兰杜说,“我们必须采取一切措施将他们绳之以法。”   弗里德金自然保护基金会创始人丹?弗里德金说:“这起悲剧凸显保护坦桑尼亚野生动物要冒着何等巨大的风险,付出何等惨重的代价。”   动物保护组织说,坦桑尼亚的偷猎行为近年来激增至“工业规模”。一项调查显示,坦桑尼亚大象数量从2009年的11万锐减至2014年的4.3万多。相关的主题文章: