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Beauty Did it ever occur in your mind of be.ing a Mary Kay specialist and be your own boss? Whether you are a teenager or a dedicated mom, any age group may join Mary Kay and can have their own business started. Teens going to high school who want to make more than minimum wage and do not want anyone telling them what to do. Moms who need some extra in.e to get their kids some clothes or just pay for some bills would really benefit from a Mary Kay business. Retirees who require something to fill their time and have them away from home would love doing Mary Kay. And it might seem a little unusual, but even a guy could do this business. You talk about a terrific way to meet women. What a great "break the ice" line, "What type of makeup and facial creams do you use? Have you ever thought of using Mary Kay?" What a Mary Kay specialist isn’t: This is not just a business for more mature women. Young women can do this too. This is not a small business where you have a boss telling you how to proceed. You do have Mary Kay associates that are more knowledgeable than you there to assist you if you need help and you request it. But no-one tells you how you can run your business. This is not a 9-5 job that you are told to be somewhere every week day at a certain time and to not leave until you’re off duty. Although, if this business enters your blood, you may work on it more time than just 9-5. Depending on how devoted you might be to your Mary Kay business, you can work more and more than you might for a JOB. Nevertheless it will be your business regarding just how long you work, not your boss’s, because you are your own boss. Just how much does it cost to get going being a Mary Kay specialist? To obtain your Start Up Kit, it costs you simply a hundred dollars plus shipping and handling. With your kit you will get enough products and samples to get your own Mary Kay party started (most parties have around 30 participants). With what you get in your starter kit you will be ready to get started the day it arrives. All that you actually need is to read some of the information and work out your first list of potential customers, then go visit them, or give them a call and invite them to their first party. What do you receive with your first Mary Kay specialist kit? You get something called a "Color Look" which retails at about a hundred and thirteen dollars, free customer catalogs, free business announcement e-mails, free business cards and also the chance to earn free products. When you make your sales, you earn 50 percent on everything you sell. Now you can’t declare that with most other businesses. This can be a very good means of not only earning money, but also an effective way of being your own personal boss and meeting lots of people, that will not only be.e your customers but also your friends. Mary Kay can help you make your life’s dreams .e true. Just go online and find a Mary Kay consultant to help you get started. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: