A woman living with her boyfriend of 3 years old 2 girls break up after being stabbed to death restorator

A woman living with her boyfriend after a breakup was stabbed to death Liu Xiaofeng was born in an ordinary rural family in Wanning mayor of Fengzhen in 3 years old 2 girls parents, more than and 50 years old, they always wanted her daughter to find a reliable man married. 3 years ago, they learned that the chicken in a field man and love, firmly opposed, but the daughter regardless of the family way, still choose together. Finally, because of the child’s parents had to default, Xiaofeng two people. But who also did not expect that, at the end of last year, she died, was deeply loved by his "husband" Fang Lei stabbed to death. Recently, the court of First Instance sentenced this intentional homicide, Fang Lei was sentenced to life imprisonment, deprived of political rights for life. Today, Xiaofeng and Fang Lei 3 year old daughter lost rely on, this home has been reduced to fragments…… The woman in the uncle shouted: I was stabbed, save me quickly! Liu Quan is Liu Xiaofeng’s uncle. In December 27th last year at around 16, the scene in his brother Liu Liu Fu door see so far let him remember. Liu Quan recalls, when he was in his backyard and cut the bark, turned around and saw Liu Fu sitting in front of Liu Xiaofeng and her husband Fang Lei. "I thought it was a little weird." Liu Quan said, then let him see the scene scared into a cold sweat. Liu Quan described, Fang Lei holding a sitting on the ground, two people have blood at the chest, and the hands of the hands of the holding of a about 20 cm long fruit knife in the hands of the men, and the rest of the world, there are people in the world. Liu Quan said, when Liu Xiaofeng shouted: "accident, save my uncle Fang Lei, he stabbed me a knife and stabbed himself." Fang Lei aside hysterically says: "I love Phoenix, I am willing to die with her." Liu Quan quickly grabbed the knife and threw it into the distance, and hastened to notify the parents of the couple Liu Fu, Mr. and Mrs. Liu Xiaofeng. The other people in the village also helped to fight 120, but in order to catch up with the time, Liu Quan used his farm tricycle will be sent to the Wanning Municipal People’s Hospital of the two, and reported to the police in the hospital. A small sigh after her daughter was born to send people, the eldest daughter was 3 years old Liu Xiaofeng died in hospital. Subsequently, Fang Lei was under criminal detention, was arrested in January 8, 2016. In July 20, 2016, the first branch of the Hainan Provincial People’s Procuratorate accused Fang Lei guilty of intentional homicide, prosecution to the Hainan first intermediate people’s court. Liu Xiaofeng’s parents filed lawsuit, the defendant compensation for death, funeral expenses, medical expenses and mortuary fees, raise fees 356018 yuan. The 34 year old Fang Lei Guizhou province Songtao Miao Autonomous county. Liu Fu said that he did not know how Fang Lei and her daughter Xiaofeng know, they do not agree with the Phoenix and Fang Lei together, but later because there is no way to Xiaofeng pregnant, they can only agree with two people living together. "They have been living together for more than 3 years, there has been no licensing, and later because of Fang Lei’s work is not stable, Xiaofeng don’t want to be together with him, in the birth of second daughters, Xiaofeng went home to live." Liu Fu said. Liu Xin, the eldest daughter of Liu Xiaofeng and her daughter, was born in 2013 and is now only 3 years old and her sister was born in the year of the birth of her daughter, who was born in the year of相关的主题文章: