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Actually riding a bike on the high speed, you are not god! Sohu will focus on a key concern love sports riding riding enthusiasts base, share a variety of mountain bike brand experience, including mountain car brand, price, maintenance skills, technical skills, analytical explanation, riding parts, experience, etc. the classic cycling route information, I this year, don’t want too many people. There are two college students came to a very willful ride, the bike directly on the high-speed, you say you do not god! Playback recently, police Zhao Chuanbo et al in the University City to complete the task on the way back, suddenly found two men riding a bicycle, the road speed at about 80 yards, there is a bike so dangerous, Zhao Chuanbo and colleagues immediately under the premise of ensuring safety, called stop cyclists. Stopped after the inquiry found that the two boys were 18 years old, one of them was wearing a headset to listen to music, is a university city school freshman, two person was going to night cycling because freshmen in Chongqing are not familiar with the road, imperceptibly rode on the road, but it is not clear whether this is the inner ring expressway, only to see the side of the vehicle speed is very fast, but the retrograde return feel more dangerous, forced himself to continue to go. It’s really a sweat for them. It’s terrible! Cycling on the inner ring expressway itself has been very dangerous, and even their bikes have no lights, and even a classmate wearing black clothes, so that it is difficult for drivers to find their. But also wearing a headset to listen to music, this is not what is death. Riding a bike on the phenomenon of high speed, power brother sincerely hope that we improve their safety awareness. Some of the road is really not you want to go can go, if even the most basic personal safety can not be guaranteed, then this bike is not as good as riding. Riding a bike is absolutely prohibited on the high speed no matter whether there is a high-speed road, you can not go on the ride. Go out riding must have the fear mentality, you have only learned to fear the rules, in order to ensure their own safety. A boy riding a bicycle in the relevant video hangrui highway retrograde, while cycling while self, have to avoid passing vehicles, fortunately, high-speed traffic police found in the monitoring, immediately rushed to the young away from the highway. This article from the network, we are committed to the promotion of authority, professional knowledge, such as the impact of the original rights, please contact the editor, we will delete the first time riding enthusiasts will pay close attention to this account can enter the mobile phone the most popular bicycle and bicycle riding hobby forum more friends exchanges! Long press the two-dimensional code point below the identification of the two-dimensional code can be concerned about相关的主题文章: