Arm pain may be signs of lung cancer-aquaria

The man | signal | signal _ nephropathy Sina health _ man kidney bad bad signal to the editor: nephropathy early, often do not feel pain, so easy to ignore, not to be found. Wang Bao Quebec, chief physician, Professor, postdoctoral, national outstanding clinical professionals of Chinese medicine, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine East Hospital Department of nephropathy director, Chinese Medical Association, China Association of Chinese Medicine Association Committee member nephropathy many patients because of physical discomfort to the hospital was combined with nephropathy, vice chairman of the Committee of the Standing Committee, Beijing Municipal Committee of TCM nephropathy Beijing Institute of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, found that kidney disease has been very heavy, there is danger, and even the need for dialysis immediately. Therefore, how to detect early kidney disease, timely diagnosis and treatment, it is particularly important. To do this, you can pay attention to the following aspects: 1. No effort. Renal function is not good, a lot of waste from the urine to drain out, there will be dizziness, fatigue, fatigue and other dull feeling. Kidney disease, protein and other nutrients from the kidney leak, excreted through urine, there will be no good performance. Some people may think that they are too tired, or for other reasons, and ignore the kidney problems. 2. Do not want to eat。 Do not want to eat, anorexia, nausea and vomiting, is also a common symptom of kidney disease. Some patients are always the first to go to the Department of Gastroenterology or liver disease, to see if there is a stomach or liver disease, a look at no stomach and liver disease, on the shelf, regardless of, forget to see the doctor, the result of the delay of the illness. 3. There is a bubble in the urine. There are many reasons why there are bubbles in the urine, if the protein from the kidney into the urine, urine will be a lot of foam. 4. Lumbago。 The kidneys are located on both sides of the lumbar spine, so when the kidneys are sick, they feel low back pain. 5. The urine more less. Healthy people urinate every day about 4 – 6 times, the amount of urine about 800 – 2000 ml, if the number of urination and urine volume too much or too little, it is necessary to pay attention to. 6. Edema. Drinking too much, or sleep time is too long, too fat, eyelid, face, legs and other parts can have mild edema, or transient edema, if not, we must suspect that is not the question of kidney. 7. The urine protein and urine occult blood. A protein or occult blood in the urine, kidney disease is an important indication, check the urine will be clear. But sometimes non kidney specialist doctors will ignore this point, it is best to find a kidney specialist consultation. 8. Anemia. Anemia patients often go to the Department of Hematology to see anemia, in fact, in addition to the excretion of waste and other functions of the kidney, as well as endocrine function, secretion of hematopoietic hormones, when renal damage, but also cause anemia. 9. Diabetes。 Diabetes can cause kidney disease, its name is diabetic nephropathy, diabetes complications. Diabetic nephropathy is divided into five stages, early treatment effect is better, once late, it is difficult to rule, will develop into uremia. Therefore, patients with diabetes, we must always look at the kidney. 10. Hypertension。 High blood pressure can cause hypertensive nephropathy, also known as hypertension相关的主题文章: