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Home-Improvement Do you still remember your childhood days when you are so fond of climbing up the pitch of your roof? Then, you ask your parents if you can stay in your old home’s attic. Our childhood memories remind us of how mysterious and intriguing the attic is. Today, the attic may still keep some of its allure. More than that, you can use your attic’s space to create new room for your youngsters and add desperately needed living space. Before going into the attic conversion, you must understand the basics that you need to know. Scan through the following attic renovation ideas from architectural considerations to cost benefit trade off. Is my attic space suitable for renovation? It is important to first take a close look at the structural aspects of your attic to determine if renovation is possible. Knowing the architectural structure is a must before going into detailed planning. For headroom height, most local building codes require at least ten feet directly under the ridge line. It must also be at least seven and one half feet over at least 50% of the attic floor space. Regarding your roof, you’re lucky enough if it is supported by cross braces rather than "X" or "W" shaped framing since this create a lot of open area. Another important consideration is the attic floor. Take note that the attic floor is also part of the ceiling structure of the rooms below. Therefore, you have to make sure that it can handle the weight of using the attic as living space. Otherwise, you will end up with sagging or cracked ceilings or worse a portion of the ceiling may collapse. Now you think this is getting so technical, don’t you? Don’t worry. You can consult renovation experts to help you assess and start with your renovation. Lighten up your attic You’re lucky enough if your attic already have some windows. Otherwise, you have to consider including dormers which enable windows to be installed into the attic allowing natural light. Moreover, you can do some wiring to provide lightings and also to add character to your attic. Another great alternative is installing skylights into the roof. Heating and cooling system In summer, your attic can be very hot and very cold in the winter. Therefore, it is imperative to insulate your attic area well. However, attic living spaces can still be un.fortably warm or cold even with insulation installed. What shall be done? Experts suggest that a localized heating/ cooling system shall be installed. How about a bathroom in the attic? Don’t you think owning a bathroom in your attic is an exciting idea? Installing bathrooms in the attic can be tricky because this should be in line with the existing vent and drain stacks. This truth will limit your choice of situating your bathroom in the attic. Additional support structure may be required under the tub area to support the additional weight of your bathroom structures. In addition, a snake plumbing supply lines should be installed up to the attic. You can now imagine how fantastic to renovate your attic is. Now, you have the power to turn your childhood dream of staying in an attic into reality. Use your creativity to convert your once dusty and neglected attic areas into the most popular living space in your house. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: