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Baby crying on the nursery, just because you did not do! Sohu last week Hanhan mother went to the kindergarten door, happily waved and said to me: "goodbye!". At that moment, I was determined to write this article. Think of her kindergarten course never cry to cry again, I didn’t cry, I read a lot of books, consulted a lot of psychology teacher, now the heart of the stone finally landed. To tell the truth, Han students separation anxiety disorder is not much, but I still like to make the problem thoroughly. And write to you to see the article, always be strict enough. The baby into the quarter, recently asked about children crying mother special problems. In fact, the reason why the baby crying, derived from their adaptation. The child’s adaptation, mainly depends on our previous three years of parenting style. For example, if you and the baby to form a secure attachment relationship, let him not separate the excessive anxiety; if you have to pay attention to the child language expression ability and self-care ability, so that he can take good care of myself very well in the kindergarten; do you often give children the opportunity, let him contact with different family and the kids, so after admission to quickly integrate into the collective. If so, then your child will not have much separation anxiety. If not, please pay attention to the following aspects: 1, before admission to children under the age of 3, to establish a sense of security. Whether or not he has a sense of security, he is afraid of the unknown. It’s like we’re on the African savannah, and there’s fear in our hearts. Children should be independent of the family to accompany the kindergarten, the heart is also scared and disturbed. So, we are ready to let the children before admission, in addition to adjust his schedule, exercise his skills and self-care ability, should also help the baby to minimize the fear of the unknown. For example, we can find the opportunity to let the children are familiar with, he will have to live in the area where the environment; near your home or find a classmate, let them get familiar with each other, often play together. At the same time, we can also draw the original guide, such as "I love kindergarten," this book is a detailed description of the child’s life in kindergarten all day. Through such a very image of things, let him have a general understanding of life in the future, so that there are several, not so scared. Han students in March this year of admission, enrollment in November last year, I bought this book, so that a month she started very well, do not cry no trouble, is sometimes get gas". Later, something happened, the impact of the sensitive, she did not want to go to kindergarten. PS: this may be a little late now, but in order to let you know the reason why the baby crying, so it was written. 2, let the children crying on the kindergarten Angela two days before not crying, in the first three or four days of the start, do not want to get up, said: "Mom, I do not go to kindergarten, you take me to the amusement park!" And most kids do it相关的主题文章: