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Baby, when can you go to the toilet! Sohu health original welcome to share personal forwarding, media reprint please contact the author! The doctors don’t know about dove, parenting when we feed the baby, the most upset is what things? Although the son is a natural, but if personal hygiene is not good is really very big head. If no one is OK, when afraid of outsiders in, a urine taste of home, the material is really fascinating! Baby defecation in the end how should I do? From the baby one and a half years, we will begin to slowly exercise your baby’s bowel habits. We give the baby to develop adequate nutrition, so we must learn to let the baby develop bowel habits. About three years old, the baby is going to kindergarten, so, before this must let the baby learn to solve personal hygiene problems. In order to learn the smooth bowel movement, we must first prepare a suitable tool for him". If you want your baby to use our adult toilet, it is estimated that the child can be washed away by the sewer, but also learn what defecation. So, for the baby to prepare a suitable toilet, let the baby easy to force. Improper choice of toilet, it is easy to cause the baby can not drain. Baby defecation time can be arranged in the meal after half an hour, each time not more than 10 minutes, avoid long squat, sedentary caused by fatigue. The equipment is complete, and the rest we have to consider how to tell the baby what to do defecation. We have to tell the baby if the baby needs to do what to do, such as how to express to mom and Dad, the correct steps of defecation, defecation, cleaning, etc.. If you find a baby on the toilet signs, to take the initiative to ask him if there is a need. Slowly build the baby has "feeling", immediately go to the toilet bowel habits. Mothers in the process of learning the baby do not worry, especially when the baby is sick, depressed mood, to take care of the baby’s mood. Baby learning a gradual process of defecation. In this process, we have to meet the specific circumstances of the baby, give the baby the right help. Some babies may not be good at expressing the willingness of parents to defecate, this time we need to observe more carefully; some children may not love the process of defecation, parents are not around feeling, this time we will have the baby to relieve tension. Babies learn to defecate parents relaxed, they are also convenient. Mother can rest assured that the baby and the children go out to play, my mother can do their own thing. But do not for their own relaxed, forced to learn the baby as soon as possible defecation. The original article, without authorization, shall not be reproduced dove doctor, your family doctor, more parental health knowledge, please pay attention to micro signal: [air863], @ dove micro-blog: Doctor of child health problem questions questions, communication, sharing, exchange "相关的主题文章: