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Baer: May I retire at Real Madrid is the leader of my Manchester United are not interested in sports – Sohu Baer: May I retire at Real Madrid is a leader in Spain local time on October 31st afternoon, Real Madrid striker Baer attended the press conference after the renewal of Bernabeu in the news department. Welsh flying mood, and say they hope to be able to retire to real madrid. "I am happy to be able to renew my contract with Real Madrid and it is my dream to renew my contract with real madrid. When I first came here, I wanted to work with the club to win trophies. Real Madrid has changed my career and personal life, and opened a new life experience. Just join the beginning, everything is not easy, but now I look back, I played for Real Madrid, there are many wonderful moments, and now I have more confidence to face the future, hope that the next six years could have been very exciting." Then Baer talked about the Champions league. "It is good to help the club win the Champions League, and we are all looking forward to continuing to win the Champions League. What a wonderful thing to do at the top of europe. There may have been some unpleasant things that might make you feel discouraged, but we’ve been trying to keep fighting. In any case, I feel very happy here, the fans are very good to me, last season was the best season of my occupation career, I will continue to work hard, to make contributions to the club, and continuously improve their level." After the British media said Baer had Manchester United King denied they want to take the united. "I’m not interested in the news. I just know I’m happy at Real Madrid and I haven’t talked to each other about the transfer. Now my Spanish is improving, my family also settle here. I do not know what time to retire, but in the next six years, I will stay at real madrid." Mention C Luo and BBC combination, Baer said: and C lo, Benzema live together in the work, this is a happy thing, I hope we can more such opportunities, we go together to succeed. But we will not stop, hope we can get more titles together. I think I’m a leader and I want to be able to help the team." Finally, Baer said: "I am playing for the best club in the world, have the opportunity to come here to play, you certainly do not want to miss. I think I made the right decision." Baer’s agent, Barnett, also said that the United States has never been considered in the past Manchester united. "We didn’t listen to any offer, Baer just wanted to stay at real madrid. Real Madrid is the best club in the world. I’m not going to give you a specific salary, but it’s fair to Baer. Golden Globe Award? I think C will win the golden ball, the future may also be Baer, but his first goal is to help Real Madrid win." (Bourbon)相关的主题文章: