Bazhong more than 30 drivers involved in the investigation to the water in gasoline business closed ca1290

Bazhong more than 30 drivers to water in gasoline in the investigation of gas station business related business license missing gas station, has been closed for 1 days, the Chengdu Daily reporter to return to the gas station site, located in Qinba Avenue in the middle of the gas station has been fully closed tivoli. Chengdu Daily reported earlier, said in Bazhong Industrial and Commercial Bureau, there is no evidence that the quality problems of No. 97 gasoline and 0 diesel gas station under the condition of the business sector to allow the development of No. 97 gasoline and 0 diesel gas station sales. But in October 31st, the reporter from the Bazhong Municipal Commission by letter of economic operation Department was informed that, because the investigation found that the gas station at the lack of approval certificate of product oil retail business, the Bazhong Municipal Commission by letter to Bazhong City Economic Development Bureau Economic Development Zone to stop all business activities of the oil gas station’s decision. Tivoli in gas station, a gas station responsible person told the Chengdu Daily reporter, at present, relevant personnel are provincial Commission by letter for the relevant documents. The test results of more than 20 thousand liters of gasoline is not up to the Bazhong city Industrial and Commercial Bureau inspection by the inspection detachment vice captains Xiang Xu told the Chengdu Daily reporter, at present the Tivoli gas inspection station has been out of the oil, the gas station inspection report, a total of more than 20 thousand liters of gasoline 93 existing inspection index is unqualified, No. 97 gasoline and No. 0 diesel oil inspection. At present, the business sector has been the sale and inventory of gasoline No. 93 sealed gas station. Xiang Xu introduction, the source of the problem of gasoline, at present, investigators have more than a few clues to investigate the preliminary evidence that the batch of gasoline purchased from two companies in Ningxia. In the early stages of the investigation carried out a large number of investigation, in October 30th, two investigators have been rushed to investigate the case of Ningxia, Yinchuan. If the case involves crimes, will be transferred to judicial organs in accordance with the relevant provisions. Chengdu Daily reporter client | Yang Ling recommended reading: Bazhong dozens of cars just added oil directly to the original dead water in gasoline gas station gasoline has water in Bazhong 30 cars stalled oil prices hit years the largest increase in Sichuan No. 93 gasoline rose 0.28 yuan Dazhou couples divorce husband and wife poured gasoline burned jingfangxingju Sichuan beauty teachers 13 year olds poured gasoline burns was for mobile phone相关的主题文章: