Beauty and the beast, the live version of the star studded romantic strikes (video) darren hayes

"Beauty and the beast" Reality Trailer star studded romantic hit ah beauty cry, a live version of "beauty and the beast" Official Trailer premiered, this is the imagination of the fairy tale world, music picture God Tencent entertainment news Beijing on November 15th news, production of beauty and the beast and produced by Disney ("pictures" Beauty and the Beast) released the official version of Chinese trailer, indicates that the live version of the saga movie animation open publicity period, will usher in a global release. The film stars star bright, gorgeous cast includes Elmar · Watson (Emma Watson), Dan Stevens (Dan Stevens) · the audience love movie, love romance at reproduction. The film is also a special selection of White Valentine’s Day weekend, will be landing in North American Theaters in March 17th. "Beauty and the beast" fairy tale is one of the most well-known global, influenced generations of people; Disney in 1991 to form cartoon pictures onto the big screen, and with gorgeous visuals, beautiful songs, stories gained rave reviews, and then won the Golden Globe Award for best film award, the Oscar Award for best the Film Nominated – this is the first time in the history of a cartoon nominated, classic remarkable degree. The 2015 Disney film had launched a live version of "Cinderella", not only the global box office success more than 500 million dollars, but the harvest of audiences and critics applauded in unison. Now more affected by the global audience expectations of "beauty and the beast" live version will be landing the big screen, Disney has not only invited pictures carved, all the big stars, with heavy investment meticulously, and strive to exceed the peak "Cinderella" fairy tale a live action movie. Today’s "beauty and the beast" official trailer to everyone for having heard it many times the "beauty and the beast" story, showing the protagonist faces. Strong independent beauty Belle, arrogant beast prince, cunning evil Gaston, and the animation version compared to the reduction degree of up to 100 percent; and the beast castle from the magic curse turned the furniture and furnishings servants have also appeared, including the candlestick, Shi Zhongge Shehua, Lumiere teapot wife and small cup Archie. Because the top computer effects has a new luster appearance on stage is also impressive! The whole trailer collocation on the familiar theme music, finally points out the "theme of the movie subtitle more at love", so we are looking forward to the upcoming in 2017 the global tablet. In addition to the trailer, "beauty and the beast", also discloses second movie posters, the starry tender atmosphere, Belle and beast dance, to reproduce the most classic scene animation version, bring to the audience memories; at the same time, the live version of the gorgeous texture and delicate silhouette are common to render the most romantic warmth breath, once launched by the audience praised "the picture is too beautiful", "can’t wait to see the movie". "Beauty and the beast" behind the scenes is a gold Oscar escort team. "Beauty" Elmar · Watson had with the actor who plays the heroine in "Harry Potter" in the series)相关的主题文章: