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Beijing Daily: hundreds of new youth, still bright and hot – media – People’s original title: hundred contained new youth, still bright and hot yesterday was September 1st, but also the beginning of the new year’s day. One hundred years ago, in September 1, 1916, Chen Duxiu editor of the "Youth magazine" changed its name to "New Youth". The magazine is also famous for its new name, becoming one of the most important magazines in modern Chinese literature and culture in the twentieth Century. After death again and will not lose its light and heat. "New Youth" in the eyes of future generations, has been shrouded in a circle of sacred aura. But it is the beginning of each issue, but more than one thousand books, circulation and influence are not ideal. Even later influence rilong, but in terms of circulation, but also more than two copies each, far less than the prevailing commercial publications. The circulation of the magazine is not high, but it presents a new literary and cultural concept, trying to get rid of the decadent cultural tradition, the profound impact is difficult to measure. Its authors and readers, representing the time of China’s most advanced cultural groups, this group has profoundly changed the history of china. Before and after the magazine to do more than ten years, the early radical cultural movement color, then turned to a heated political propaganda. "New Youth" feat since Needless to say, with the research in recent years, in recognition of its achievements at the same time, there are also many reflections on their abuses. For example, the "New Youth" although the name of "de" and "Mr Chen Duxiu" two banner, but its soul style is quite overbearing, to debate opponents basically do not give any room for discussion. Journal of early to expand its influence, from time to time to speculation, such as making their author Liu Bannong, Qian Xuantong wrote a letter with a pseudonym Lin Shu yell, stimulate the traditional conservative figures against. Chen Duxiu has criticized the old literature, read so far still feel with great eloquence but also somebody thinks, the radical viewpoint. For example, he put down the flattery of the Polish aristocratic literature, a plain lyrical national literature; tear down the stale extravagant classical literature, the construction of fresh Licheng realistic literature; down the dark mountains roundabout abstruse literature, establish clear popular literature society. The "New Youth" Tongren in his popular mandarin duck butterfly is in hot pursuit, the latter almost become a "feudal" and "conservative" and "stubborn", "fallen" synonymous. But today, mandarin duck butterfly is not because of Chen Shoujiu, monolithic, which also has modern factors, with the new literature. The "anti feudal tradition of radical argument of" New Youth ", in recent years has also led to criticism of its opened a bad head, the extreme intolerance, dogmatic style, political culture movement plays a negative effect on later generations. Reflection on the "New Youth", nature is necessary, however, if it denies its contribution, and the cultural traditions of the fracture was attributed to Chen Duxiu Lu Xun, the initiator of evil, Qian Xuantong et al., it is have the order reversed. If you revert to their historical context, for the establishment of new literature and new culture of "subjectivity", and to enlighten the masses, must operate to the Confucian and the old literature, although there is overkill, but reform Ding)相关的主题文章: