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Beijing – VIDEO – Quzhou Festival 2567 anniversary of the birth of Confucius Confucius Fan Erzu international fashion culture world [comment] September 28th Zhejiang Quzhou Confucius sect Temple held the 2567 anniversary of the birth of Confucius Memorial ceremony. On the same day to participate in the ceremony, both from the Chinese education, cultural representatives and representatives from 14 countries around the world Confucius institute. In the ancient sound of music, the Millennium Confucian culture spread around the world. In the same period (Gao Junhao, a graduate student at East China Normal University), I was especially excited to be able to come to Confucian Temple and feel the culture of china. (vice president Ma Yide Confucius College of St Petersburg University in Russia) is here to attend from 14 countries so I represent Russia, for me is a very proud thing, general (Russian) don’t understand, but few people know Qufu know Quzhou so I have to let you know there is another Confucian Temple. [comment] as a great thinker and educator in Chinese history, Confucius’s spirit and culture penetrated into almost every inch of land in the world, the Confucian Temple is also all over the world, but only two Confucius Temple in Shandong, North Qufu, south of Zhejiang in Quzhou. On the same day, in spite of the heavy rain but dress up a new conn Nanzong Jiamiao hall particularly solemn ritual activities for people, enthusiasm is not affected in any way. This ceremony is divided into Li Kai, gift, Song Li, then the four chapter. Each offering staff groups to enter into the temple, Confucius like incense, flowers and recitation hall in the Analects of Confucius sentences and so on. Chinese also take this opportunity in the Grand Hall of Confucianism Confucian culture in Quzhou District opened to the world fan Confucius thought the opportunity will go further, by countries all over the world and continue to exchange the culture of Confucius will lead the world fashion. The same period [] (China Confucianism museum official for Confucianism is China sword), which originated in the Chinese in Chinese carry forward from the history began, but Confucianism is constantly in communication to the outside, then it can be said that Confucius thought of Confucianism from the beginning it is with international range of children, then China Confucianism museum we also hope that with the opening of Confucius college world exchanges and development, we sit down together to discuss how to develop the Confucian culture how to spread or sit down and then we discuss together, on the basis of Confucian culture or in the value Chinese view on the basis of how to promote the development of the world. (vice president Ma Yide Confucius, St Petersburg University of Russia) Russia knows Confucius in Russia and several times over the translation of "the Analects of Confucius, I estimate that there are about 10 translation versions, so people can often see in the bookstore (read) the" Analects of Confucius ". Reporter Shen Yishan Zhejiang Quzhou reports相关的主题文章: