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BMW even accident insurance must compensate about 800000 Chuzhou men cheat insurance Chuzhou Dingyuan County drowning young men Shumou, before buying a car accident insurance salvage auction, after the sale price for renovation. But because of the "wrong", the car no renovation value, Shumou lost a lot of money. To this end, Yu twice the manufacture of traffic accidents, plans to recover the loss of insurance fraud. Recently, the Chuzhou police through careful investigation, successfully cracked two cases of insurance fraud. "Yu Moudi will be the two time the car in the water was originally intended to" earn "a few million yuan, which know no grasp of" things. "" big trouble ", because of the abandonment of the whole vehicle, the insurance company to assess the damage of 760 thousand yuan", yesterday (September 22nd) morning, Chuzhou Langya economic investigation police investigators told reporters, "more thrilling is that Shumou drove into the water, because the door can not be opened, almost drowned herself in the car". Strange: BMW car even frequent accident, insurance to pay about 800000 the night of March 25th this year, Dingyuan County residents Xu Moumou alarm call, called the "Xiang CM0***" driving a BMW car, in the territory of the original green Luo Xiang Dingyuan County, accidentally fell into the ditch. Insurance companies to arrange the investigation personnel rushed to the scene and found that almost all of the car was flooded, because the vehicle has been scrapped can not be repaired, the need for full payment. After calculation, the amount of compensation of about 760 thousand yuan. "The car accident is not the first time, and the amount of compensation is larger, the insurance company for further investigation found that in December 24, 2014, the car accident has for scrap, and get 790 thousand yuan compensation; in December 8, 2015, the car is for things in Wuhe County of Bengbu City, to obtain compensation 8.2 yuan", "more suspicious, two accidents of Wuhe County and Dingyuan County occurred during the night, place in remote areas without monitoring camera, and the scene of the accident there were no brake marks". Insurance companies believe that the owner of a suspected accident on suspicion of theft of compensation, then reported to the police. The police investigation: Investment car accident lose money, to create the same accident after receiving the alarm, Chuzhou Langya Economic Investigation Brigade quickly involved in the investigation. According to the vehicle information and other clues, the police removed Guangzhou, Xiangtan, Hefei, Bengbu, Dingyuan and other places, in-depth investigation of the insurance company, around the vehicle, the vehicle auction market, banks and other places, get a lot of key clues, finally confirmed Shumou and others suspected of insurance fraud. The day before, the police carefully implement the deployment of police arrest, Shumou, five suspects were all arrested. Police quickly identified, in 2014 after the accident occurred in the car accident in Dongguan, has applied for retirement and compensation. Later, Shumou in Guangzhou city from the original owner of the hands, spend about 200000 yuan to buy this car insurance car accident salvage auction ", plans to sell refurbished car fare after the price to earn. Which knows, because the car is badly damaged, there is no value of renovation. Due to the "wrong" losses, Shumou very upset. Subsequently, he decided to make a traffic accident in order to recover the loss. Later, he re purchased the same old BMW sedan, by killing相关的主题文章: