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Customer Relationship Management-SutiCRM SutiCRM provides unique features such as: Web To Lead Conversion, Intelligent Forecasting, Email Campaigning, Role & Team based access, External Data Importing Wizards, Waterfall Reports etc. It completely caters to the needs of companies looking for a solution to automate their sales and marketing processes of Business Management Software as Customer Relationship Management . Marketing Automation Plan and execute Marketing Campaigns to capture customers using various strategies such as: advertising, email and traditional public relations etc. Email Marketing can be done within SutiCRM to capture web savvy customers. Prospect Lists Prospects can be categorized and stored into various groups for easier identification. Prospects Prospects are potential customers . Prospects can be imported from various formats and put into lists for future campaign usage. Create Prospects and add to Prospect Lists. These Prospects can be converted to Lead/Contact once verified. Campaigns Create Campaigns; add members from Prospects, Leads and Contacts to Campaigns, view Campaign reports. View and create new related Opportunities, Leads, Contacts and Prospects. Send Mail You can use SutiCRM to send Email Campaigns or any related emails to potential and current customers. Select the receipients, attachments, and define contents of the Email to be sent. Includes opt-out functionality. You can define templates so that the format can be frequently. Activity Management The Workspace module helps to capture details of all forms of communications you may have with a customer. Create Tasks, schedule Events, record Call Logs, create Documents, create Notes, and send Emails. Tasks Create Tasks, associate these tasks with Leads and/or Opportunities for yourself or assign them to other team members for completion. Create Reminders to inform team members of their assigned Tasks. You can also create Tasks from the Lead/Opportunity details page. Notes Use Notes to write comments, reminders and questions about a Lead/Account/Contact/Task instead of sticky notes you generally paste around your work area. These can be used to store small pieces of information which could be used later on. Documents Search for and create Documents associated with a Lead, Account, Contact and Task. This helps to ensure that Documents reach the correct team member . Call Logs Never miss any call details. Record all the inbound, outbound call details associated with any of Leads, Accounts, Contacts or other general calls. Search for call Logs using associated Lead, Account or Contact. Events Events to promote products/services can be scheduled using SutiCRM. These events can be web-based or in-person meetings. Create and Track events associated with any a Lead/Account/Contact/Other. Emails Users can customize the content for Emails or use Templates to save time and quickly send Emails to Leads, Accounts, Contacts or Others from within SutiCRM. You can attach Documents, Quotes, and Product Data sheets and send them along with your Email. Reporting Analytics Reports give a quick insight into the information in your SutiCRM account. Dashboards give real-time status of Campaigns, Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, and, Quotes. These Reports and Dashboards are fully customizable. Managers can define who can see what, so that every representative gets the most relevant information. Reports Reports give a quick insight into the information in your SutiCRM account. You can generate: Account by Type, Lead by Status, Lead by Source, Quote by Status, Quote by Confidence, Opportunity by Grade, Campaign General, Campaign Revenue, and Campaign ROI Reports. Reports generated can be exported into PDF, Word, CSV and Excel formats. Dashboards Get real-time status of Campaigns, Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, and Quotes. These graphical displays eliminate the need to go to each of the individual pages to view the status. Dashboards give real-time insight into the status of your business. Sales Force Automation The Sales Force Automation module of SutiCRM helps you streamline your sales pipeline and lets your sales team and managers focus on the selling process.. It allows you to easily track Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and Quotes to help close deals faster. Leads Enter and manage Sales Leads, keep track of critical lead information and close deals faster. Directly capture leads from different sources in SutiCRM, eliminating the need to enter manually. Qualify Leads, add to Campaigns, and view the associated Campaign history. Managers can define archive criteria according to determine which Leads can be archived. Accounts Keep yourself updated with all the information about your Accounts. Track Accounts, view, and create new related Contacts, Opportunities and Quotes etc. All related Documents, Emails, Call Logs, and Notes can be stored for an Account. Contacts Effectively manage Contracts, build stronger customer relationships. Track Contacts; view related Opportunities, Quotes and Campaign History. Quickly create Contacts from various sources and track all communication details relating to a Contact. Products Manage Product Families and Products, view related Opportunities and Quotes. Create Products, define Unit Price, and add them to Product Families. Sales Opportunities Create and track Sales Opportunities. Create Opportunities from various sources; add sales forecasts for Products, view and add new related Tasks, Forecasts, Quotes, and Leads for an Opportunity. Managers can define criteria’ according to which older Opportunities can be archived. Quotes Manage Sales Quoting activity effectively. Create customized Quotes for confirmed Opportunities, generate PDF’s and send them to customers from SutiCRM. Forecasts Estimate revenue expected during the next 12 months. Representatives can enter Forecasts; managers can review, approve and update Forecasts that have been entered. A 12 month rolling forecast can be entered. Additional industry indexes can be maintained and an intelligent forecast can be generated based on various industry indexes. Waterfall Record details of planned and actual sales numbers and compare these numbers in a generated Waterfall report. Track performance at different stages of an Opportunity by simply viewing the report. SutiCRM provides unique features such as: Web To Lead Conversion, Intelligent Forecasting, Email Campaigning, Role & Team based access, External Data Importing Wizards, Waterfall Reports etc. It completely caters to the needs of companies looking for a solution to automate their sales and marketing processes of Software as Business CRM . 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